Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Nah I knew full well it was wrong I just was t thinking 😂

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Dw gaijin has a similar view on stinger missiles XD

Can somebody explain to me why there is no spall liner on the lower front plate?

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No photos no liner :)

I have question about spall liners of cr2 because imo its strange that doesnt have spall liners on the sides but maybe there is a photo or any evidence to confirm.

So how is the ch2 manoeuvrability now? Not had chance to try it yet as I had minor surgery yesterday. My timing is impeccable 🤣

IF there was something like that we would have flooded the snail with it.

It is better, but not what you would want from it

Are there even photos of the upper front plate’s liner?

What’s this then?

Sorry for the yellow washout but it happens when I Print Screen.

Well, if we confirm it is a cr2, then we can fight for the spall liner
Ok, it seems very Cr2 like

CR2 Driver’s Instrument Panel on the left, CR1 DIP is long and thinner.

Source; this guy’s holiday snaps from some sort of Combat Power Demo, approx 2007


Odds of using that seam down the middle to get the spall liner split into 2? Might give a little more survivability cause you’ll still have one liner once the other is destroyed

Internally reported

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Approximately zero.


The pic, i didnt know if you had it already so i pinged you

Yeah had it and used it for the report xD

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Dw guys ess is fixed… That’ll make the challenger 2 better XD

How long do you guys think it will be untill we get the supposed armor rework for the challys. I’m taking a break untill they are fixed because I cba getting absolutely shit on by every other nation because they can pen me everywhere but I have to aim for specific weakspots. Bs