Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

it was the same boat as the 2019 LEP

Look we put fancy gun in the Challenger 2

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No it wasn’t lmao. The British Army largly was dismissive and just wanted to nick the FCS for an improved Challenger 1.

That’s just wrong on so many levels I don’t really have the time to unwrap properly, so bullet points time.

  1. the CR2 130 was a show generally what a 130mm armed MBT would look like, and test the autoloader in a rolling chassis
  2. The turret was used because the new autoloader is too wide for a leopard 2 turret and it was easier to use the spare LEP turret they’d already cut the back off of to fit the new 120mm ammo rack.
  3. Yes, yes they do lmao. Germany already has their export Leo 2 variants, the Tam series, and the DF105. And Britian has its export Vickers, Cents, and Chieftain. Stuff goes to the country that made it, if the importer doesn’t exist in game.

We really don’t need it, nor do we have much of a claim to it.
This is much like the US trying to claim the Skink cause it’s based on a Sherman.

This^ again they used a CR2 cause they had a spare LEP cause the MOD gave them two CR2s in case they broke something during the modifications.

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Does anyone here remember on the old forms we had this same sort of discussion with a German main who was looking to try a get a challenger 2 in the German tech tree ??


this argument doesn’t matter anyway as it will go to UK and no one else

No amount of arguing will change that


Do you have a statement by Gaijin on that?

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I made a suggestion for Germany and it was accepted with no problems.

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I have a statement… why do yous want a challenger 2 130mm TD in the German tech tree ?? Why not just ask for another leopard 2 like the A8 are something are if your just looking for something with a bigger gun the KF51 ??

and i can make a suggestion for a Canadian Leopard to the British tree doesn’t mean it will get it

Because it could be years before we see the introduction of the Panther to War Thunder. The Challenger 130 could be added now however.

Not really look how quick challenger 3 Technology Demonstrator was added !!

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No, you can only make a suggestion for a Canadian Leopard to go to Canada. If you tried to make it for Britain the suggestion would simply be rejected.

Panther is a lot more advanced than the Challenger 3 demonstrator though.

It Can still be added only it will have artificial nerves like the 2a7 and challenger 3 Technology Demonstrator !!

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I don’t think Gaijin does artificial nerfs to tanks, unless you count reload rate. Any nerfs are down to bugs or Gaijin being Gaijin.

There is still a lot of tanks to come before the Panther so I don’t think we will see it for some time.

So when will the British BAE company’s CV9030/35/40/50/120 join the British tree?

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Cr 130 talk, huh.


Eventually. Along with the M8 Light tank.

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Gaijin dont care where the suggestion aays it should go, they put it where they see fit, which they have said multiple times now.

Germans seem to get really annoyed when brits and canadians ask for a leopard, but then germams turn around and ask for a Cr2.


This is not a Challenger 2:

Just as this is not a Leopard 2: