Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Aye but it still claims to be a report from me, citing facts about Armor Shield R and STANAG protection in the penetration analysis tool


The entire segment regarding my report, is based on misguided information but signs my name on it. Happy to discuss this in DMs

The report is, the paragraph below is talking about all of the developer conclusions from all of the investigations. Not that you specifically claimed Armor Shield R.

You will note on your report, Gunjob mentioned there was already an ongoing internal report which included previous reports too:


Your report was simply the most recent public report to mention for the general subject.

So smin will anything be done about the lackluster performance of the mantlet or nah?

If nothing else, it reads very poorly…
“Next up, let’s take a look at this report created by Legwolf regarding the protection values of the Challenger 2’s ERA. We’ve seen that Armor Shield R is noted to be equipped on the Challenger 2 TES and Challenger 2 OES and is protected according to STANAG 4569 level 5.”
That reads exactly like my report has stated it’s using Armor Shield R.

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Please check out the blog, it offers full details on the current plan. Until that modelling work takes place, I do not have any further details that I can add to whats been said today at this time.

I am curious why it took this long to correct the issue prevalent on the challengers

A couple of factors there. This report with the most useable information was only made 8 months ago. Previous investigations on other reports did not yield any meaningful results. Along with this, we also undertake our own further investigations into matters, to try and find more detail and information on a given topic. This all naturally takes time, coupled with all the standard works that are going on in the meantime.

I mean if this ensures the mantlet isn’t as bad as it is ingame now I’m all for it tbh… and while the side armour is … slightly annoying the main problem for me was the mantlet

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Not too sure what went wrong with the Challenger 2 ERA segment:
It references Armor Shield R as the ERA → it’s not, it’s ASPRO-HMT
It references Armor Shield R as STANAG 5 but it’s not, it’s STANAG 6
It references the current implementation of the ERA being STANAG 5, but uses the analysis tool to prove that, which counts the entire armor array, not the individual bricks. If anything, this proves the exact opposite of what the post was trying to say?

If they’re meaning to say it IS Armor Shield R, then they proved themselves wrong here anyway because Armor Shield R is a STANAG 6 product which they show it isn’t?
So…is it Armor Shield R (STANAG 6) or ASPRO-HMT (STANAG 5) to Gaijin???


Neither. Just Copy paste Varma from Cr1 mk 3

The post only makes sense if you:
Don’t know what Armor Shield R is
Don’t know that Armor Shield R is a STANAG 6 applique armor
Don’t know protection analysis counts everything behind it so with that in mind, they prove the opposite of what they’ve concluded in their post?


Ah yea, boost you expectations up, as ASPRO-HMT was mounted on bradley, so it should protect from its round(more probable than the italian guns) so 95mm of ke. It would also corespond to being better than VARMA, as VARMA had 82mm of protection at least.

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I hope you also take the time to get rid of those god awful camouflage nets and make them look actually good.

And to everybody here who’s fed up with my constant net talk, i just think there neat and i want the best looking tank to look even better :)


Will the armour rework remove this hole? Literally unplayable XD

Welp time to grind Sweden or Russia instead, t’was a waste of a good few hundred hours.

Props to y’all who spent the time trying, did a small amount but yeah overarching issues of it being the worst MBT in the game ain’t gonna get fixed unfortunately.

y’all think sweden will still be meta in top tier in a year and a half?


Its bad but its not the worst in the game

Yeh it could be the ariete… heheh

forgot latest chally has dm53 now, which takes away a major part of what made the Ariente better, still, the speed and turning is just more meta.

Look I think it’s certainly not great but look at what everyone else got.
We’re being told the tank is going to be remodelled, the turret cheeks improved, spall liners for every angle, the mantlet reworked, etc

The only downsides are the ASPRO-HMT is still disputed and the ERA on TES/OES is not functionally suitable for its place at top tier.
The backing plate for the ERA is no longer composite (it never was, and this change while damaging to TES’ side protection is accurate). Now, they’re saying it’ll be aluminium, but it’s actually steel and a bug report submitted to support that fact.
Win some you lose some.

The big one too, is that the ammunition positions are being reworked, meaning you wont die to having HESH in your drivers seat.

The tank is getting mobility changes too which is great to see.

Frankly, look at what Abrams got: Nothing.
Look at Leopard with D-Tech: Nothing.
Look at Ariete and the other forgotten tanks: nothing.

We got a really decent outcome which can be slowly worked into being better.