Challenger 2 first stage ammo racks and reload speed

So I recently noticed that the Challenger 2 had a first stage ammo rack of 4 rounds. Which is just purely wrong. In a video from a live fire exercise with the Challenger 2 it is seen that the loader is taking AP rods from the rear ammo rack in the turret and taking more than 4 charges from the front bin.

Now, the reload. I decided to measure the length of all of the reloads and calculate an average.
My definiton of reloads beginning the first move of the loader and the end of the reload to be the loader clearing the path of the breech.

As you can see the times were:
When we add all of these together and divide them by 5 we get our average which the math would look like this
20.68/5=4.136 which we could present as 4.1 seconds if we round it up
Therefore I think that the number which gaijin decided to use as the reload is purely wrong.
I’d like to hear your guys’ opinions!

can’t use videos for bug reports like this

I never said it was a bug report. I just want to raise attention that it’s incorrect

Everyone knows but gaijin wont listen

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Regardless of that, Gaijin should simply increase the first ammo stowage for Challengers to buff their efficiency, just like they did with M1s and Merkavas.

@Legwolf has an epic bug report on the Ammo placement in the Chally 2 and it does touch on the first stage ammo racks

But there are many bug reports already submitted for the ready rack: