Challenger 1 Mk3

In the last few days I have had constant Issues with the Mk3, everything from rounds disappearing/causing zero damage, it will show the round pass through the crew/components but nothing would happen. Even at point blank range for example I have put shots through the PzBtl 123s breach from the side, only to see the round pass straight through and destroy a wall on the other side and cause zero damage. Is this common?, or am I just having terrible luck.

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Looking around the forum this is effecting most players (not just Challenger).

Have you also checked the server replay (via website) to make sure something else didn’t occur? (Probably fine but worth checking in some cases).

Yeah, no issue. This seems to happen on my top tier brits, I’ve tried my other nations and had no problems at all. Hell on my Russian high tier the apfsds doesn’t even have to touch anything vital to kill, and the same goes for my German ones also.

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I assume it still does more damage than the Conqueror.