Challenger 1 MBT - Technical Data and Discussions

Greats there am Duckmartin I created this thread for all things regarding the Challenger 1 MBT including technical data , discussions regarding challenger 1 and any pictures are anything else really that is related to challenger 1 MBT !!

Challenger 1 MK2 specs.


Length from front mudguard to gun crutch - 8.327m

Length from gun muzzle to gun crutch - 11.560m

Length from gun rear to front mudguard to gun muzzle in crutch - 9.800

Height to turret roof - 2.5m

Height to commander’s sight hood - 2.950m

Width over tracks - 3.420m

Width overall including skirts - 3.510m

Ground clearance - 0.500m

Track width - 0.650m

Width between tracks - 2.120m

Length of track in contact with the ground - 4.790m

Weight (Fully equipped including crew) - 62 ton

Crew - 4 (Loader, Gunner, Driver and a commander)

Cost - 1.5 mil


Maximum road speed - 56 kph

Reverse speed - 36 kph

Vertical obstacles - 0.9m

Trench crossing - 2.8m

Maximum Gradient

Tank moving - 58% 30 degree’s

Start stop - 30% 16.5 degree’s

Side slope 27% 15 degree’s

Power to weight - 19.7 BHP/ton

Normal ground pressure (Combat weight) - 14.13 Ibf/sq in

Main Armament

  • Main Gun - L11A5 with 52 rounds
    . Elevation +20
    . Depression -10

. L31A7 HESH
. L34 Smoke

Traverse - 6400 mils

Effective fire rate - 10 rounds a minute

  • Secondary Gun - 2 X 7.62mm GPMG with 4,600 round’s With an effective fire rate off - 750 rounds a minute

2 X 66mm five barrelled smoke grenade launchers

ESS (Mk3)


Main tank armour - RHA with Chobham composite armour

Add-on armour kit - 150/200mm thick VARMA Series 1 armour blocks on the side of the hull with ROMA - A ERA on LFP (Challenger MK2/Mk3)

VARMA Series 1 is rated against 30mm apds and RPG 7s, so around 85/90mm again kinetic and around 650mm against chemical ammunition.


Main engine - rolls Royce CV12 TCA No 3 Mk4A 60° V12 cylinder liquid cooled 4 stroke compression ignition diesel engine with twin turbochargers

Bore - 135mm

Stroke - 152mm

Compression - 12:1

Capacity - 26.11 litres

Power - 1,200bhp @ 2,300rpm

Transmission - David brown gear industries TN37 No 1 Mk3 gearbox 4 forward and 3 in reverse

Suspension - hydrogas suspension

(Challenger 1 MBT Source’s.)

Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank 1983-2001 owners workshop manual

Tank, Combat, 120-mm Gun, Challenger

Vickers Tanks from landslips to Challenger 2 by Christopher F. Foss & Peter McKenzie

Challenger squadron by Simon dunstan

Challenger main battle tank 1982 - 97 by Simon dunstan

Main Battle Tanks Development in design since 1945 by Rolf Hilmes

Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank vol.1 by Robert Griffin

Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank vol.ll by Robert Griffin

DEFE 70/1615 - Main Battle Tanks (MBTs): Challenger

DEFE 68/695 - MBT80: Future Main Battle Tank (MBT80)

(If any new information comes to light I will update this thread asap !!)

Also please do not share are uploaded any classified are restricted information, unless you have proof of declassification !!


I bought this document from the national archives back in 2019, it has been fully declassified and has been released to the public so it is no longer classified are restricted !!

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Maybe we could have this modelled in game?!

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Challenger 1 very early production had
275mm KE hull

After it became
300mm KE hull

The turret protection is 480-500mm KE from the front (depending on the primary source)

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Alternatively there’s also this
480mm KE turret

300mm KE hull


Me and many others tryed to do that back in the day but gaijin and the mods we’re so stubborn and straight up refused to buff challenger 1 armour are even to do anything to get Challenger 1 armor improved !!

At minimum challenger 1 ufp should be around 325mm against kinetic ammunition. Because going by current information the challenger 1 MK1 would have around 275mm on its ufp but the MK2 its ufp had an additional 50mm RHA plate had on to it which would increase its minimum protection against kinetic to 325mm. Now against chemical challenger 1 turret would have to have around 900/1000mm of protection against chemical ammunition and on the hull your looking at minimum 700mm against chemical ammunition !!


Yeah no, we know CR1 in service was 300mm KE, that additional plate appears only on old prototypes, Shir 2’s and the like.

Hmmm does at normal mean 60degree or 0degree

That document is from the Future Main Battle Tank (MBT 80) and I have that exact document and it’s from 1982 to 1983. And in that document they used a Challenger MK1 as an example tank to show its current protection values at the time to what they would like to improve it to in the 1987 PIP.

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Means head on.

I haven’t seen the full thing, (especially if there is a turret diagram), but I haven’t seen any evidence suggesting the protection is better than stated here.

Thought so, shame we never got the PIP hull 550 ke and 900 ce would of been juicy. What’s a real shame is us never getting the full MBT 80 design.


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I know what PIP is dw

I’m just trying to work out what spec that Challenger is in the doc, and if any turret data is given in that doc.