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Erroneously called P’okp’ung-Ho I.

Brief History
North Korea, despite what some may think, has a surprisingly large variety of tanks and other AFVs. In particular, their indigenous variants and developments of the Soviet T-62 are incredibly interesting, and would fit nicely into the game. North Korea adopted the T-62 as their MBT in the 70s, replacing their antiquated T-34s and T-55s (although over 2000 T-55s are still in service in 2023). They obtained T-62s from 2 sources – directly importing them from the USSR, as well as producing them under license/reverse-engineering them. These were designated Ch’ŏnma (roughly meaning ‘Pegasus’) [note: some sources refer to these tanks as ‘Ch’ŏnma-Ho XYZ’ but the -Ho suffix is something made up by the US DoD].The Ch’ŏnma went through a variety of different upgrades and modifications, ranging from glorified 1960s-era T-62s to effectively completely new vehicles in some of the later variants. The Ch’ŏnma-215 (also known as P’okp’ung-Ho I, although this designation is entirely fictitious) was first spotted in 2002, and was definitely one of the first variants to be quite radically different from the base T-62.

The Ch’ŏnma-215 was based on the previous Ch’ŏnma-214, which essentially served as a pre-series vehicle. Compared to the Ch’ŏnma-214, Ch’ŏnma-215 had a new elongated hull with an extra 6th roadwheel, an improved laser rangefinder and anemometer combo, and new add-on turret armour in a different form as that of the previous variant.

The base turret armour has also been massively improved, reaching levels comparable to that of the T-72M (~600mm), see image below.



It is possible that a new engine (1000-1100hp) was developed for this tank, but I find it unlikely. Its sights may also have been upgraded to those found on the early T-72s, as North Korea acquired a T-72 Ural during the development of this variant (hence the much improved turret armour).

Compared to the base T-62/Ch’ŏnma, the Ch’ŏnma-214 incorporated a lot of the prior upgrades, such as:

  • A new welded turret, first seen on the Ch’ŏnma-98
    • It is elongated, which might suggest a turret bustle/a larger first-stage ammo rack
  • Side-skirts, smoke launchers and a laser rangefinder, seen on various prior variants
  • A new engine (750hp), as on Ch’ŏnma-98 OR a new 1000-1100hp engine

It likely retains the same (hull) armour layout and armament of the base T-62, but probably uses some of the better 115mm APFSDS (such as 3BM21 or 3BM28), likely without GL-ATGMs however.

The Ch’ŏnma-215 would be a really cool vehicle for a future North Korean sub-tree. It improves fairly significantly on the Ch’ŏnma-214, namely with much better turret armour. I would place it at roughly 9.3-9.7, 9.7 especially if it has the upgraded engine and potential thermal sights.



  • 115mm U-5TS
    • Stabilised
    • 3BM21 APFSDS
    • 3BM28 APFSDS
    • 3BK15M HEAT-FS
    • 3OF27 HE
  • Laser rangefinder
  • NVDs/Thermals
    • NVDs known, thermals possible, but not confirmed


  • Hull
    • Front - 100mm at 59º
    • Sides - 80mm at 0º
    • Rear - 45mm at 2º
  • Turret
    • Front - 214-240mm + Unknown add-on armour thickness, likely better than Soviet ‘BDD’ (i.e. > 65-85mm)
    • Sides - Unknown, likely similar to regular T-62 (115-196mm)
    • Rear - Unknown, likely similar to regular T-62 (65mm)


  • Speed
    • Unknown, likely still roughly +55/-9 km/h
  • Weight
    • Unknown, likely ~44t
  • Engine power
    • 750hp, ~17hp/t
    • OR 1000-1100hp, ~22.7-25hp/t





Below The Turret Ring: Photographs from North Korean ATGM tests

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Been looking for more images, found the following from a really awful quality video of the October 2010 parade. If anyone knows of a higher definition video out there, I would appreciate it!

+1, for a United Korean tree


This is all I’ve got for you I’m afraid.


First image is the -214, but the second is nice, thank you!

It’s the same image, second one is just cropped

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Ah, I meant the vehicles at the forefront of the first image, sorry. Somehow missed the fact it was the same image, just at different zoom.

tho that`s just T-62 with cardboard covering front panel… Id be okay with it in separate Korean tree.

Lengthened T-62 with completely new turret providing much better protection, hull and turret appliqué similar to or better than Soviet BDD as on T-55M-1/T-62M-1 and better mobility.

62M1 with closer positioned armor plates on the front. Literally not much than that.
How is there “completely new turret” when it is VISIBLE on your own pictures that those are some steel plates mounted on the default round T-62 turret?
And aint no way North Korea did a better engine.

It’s not the standard T-62 turret. North Korea equipped the Ch’ŏnma with a new welded turret starting with the Ch’ŏnma-92. Below is an image of the Ch’ŏnma-98 clearly showing the new turret. The turret of the -214 onwards is a derivative of this design, not the old T-62 turret.

The original T-62 uses a 580hp engine – North Korea upgraded the engine to a 750hp starting with the Ch’ŏnma-98, and following through to the -214 and -215, and likely to the -216s as well.

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OK. So. What does this screenshot (which i refer to previous message) show?

Probably just a t-72 engine, tho plus 170HP sounds pretty cool. Tho the T-62M1 ingame has 690hp.

Not a T-62 turret. As I said, a new welded turret.

  • 215


  • T-62

  • T-62M-1

And now show me how this is NOT a basic round t-62 turret with metal plates welded

A) It’s clearly not as rounded. Just look at the angle of the slope towards the roof, compared to that of the T-62 and then the other angle of the Ch’ŏnma-215. Which does it look most similar to?
Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 20.13.56Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 20.14.47Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 20.15.08

You can even see the same weld lines on both the -215 pictures! It’s the same turret.

Edit: Here’s some more photos of the T-62, this time the M-1. You can very clearly see the slope, which is totally absent on the -215’s welded turret with both a flat front, and a relatively flat incline up to the turret roof.
t-62 bdd armour
t-62 brow afghan
t-62m kuzmin

B) It’s a close-up shot of this Ch’ŏnma-216 after being struck by an ATGM. The Ch’ŏnma-216 and -215’s turrets differ only in the placement of the smoke grenades and a few other very minor changes. Both use the same welded turret.