Certain keys open up the Menu

As mentioned in the title I am having issues with certain keys (specifically those tied to special actions in any vehicle) opening up my menu. I am also unable to bind the Menu to my Esc key.
Ones currently affected are:

  • Alt
  • Tab
  • M
  • Left Ctrl
  • CapsLock
  • Shift
  • Y
  • T
    It can also happen when I spawn in. In Match or Test Drive.

Certain keys are “hard bound” by the game. Esc. (main menu) and F1 (help) being two of them. And then you will have others fixed or that will conflict with each other for the same function in different game modes.
Yes, WT control setup is a hot mess that gets worse every time Da Snale has a “gud ider”.

ok that’s great but how do I fix this.

You can’t. You have to use other keys.

tried it. doesn’t work. bound the menu to another key. didn’t work. nothing works. a fix said to delete ID_PLANE_UI. i can’t find it.

That is weird. Idonno.