Centurion Mk1 is too Good for 6.0

nah the issue is earlier cents don’t use the 105 and their APDS shatters a lot

Yeah, earlier APDS has worse shattering. Historical I guess but it’s not phenomenally well implemented.

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yeah but 3BM-8 seems very nice compared to the 7.7 centurion round

3BM-8 is also a higher BR round, at least 8.0, and at that BR there’s Centurion with the 105 mm.

Just play it,its right at 6 BR

Historically many APHE rounds would fail to fuse due to round deformation. In game they are 100%. If you aren’t modeling failing to fuse, you shouldn’t be modeling shell shatter.


APHE was also prone to detonation in the breach back in the early days and destroy the whole tank from with in

Stop this please for the love of God. The bad reverse is mostly the Cromwell hull. People somehow forget the panthers are worse, the Russian mbt are worse. The centurions are good at reversing, chieftains, chally all reverse well.


The centurion reversing is no better than your family car, its only first gear, while eveything else goes faster forward

Compared to contemporary vehicles it has generally been good.

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It wont be winning any speed trials going forward

Basically the statement that closes the discussion as far as I’m concerned.


Honestly they just play very different to me. I play the VK like a light tank, while the Panther D is way more survivable. In fact, I’ve started to take up the VK in higher lineups to use it as an ersatz light tank, because it has the speed for it.

Both are very good tanks, but I think you’re underselling how different they play because of their differences.

The D has more sluggish acceleration I think.

Yes, both tanks have identical engines and near identical transmissions (the VK 30.02 (M) can’t neutral steer, but other than that their transmissions are identical).
The only difference is that the VK 30.02 weights 9.8 tons less cough cough (which is inaccurate) cough, giving it 18.57 hp/ton compared to 14.51 on the Panther D.


That wasn’t the initial point

Eh, I’d say it’s still superior to any Panther in most respects (excluding Panther II), but not enough to warrant a higher BR than it currently has.
Maybe 6.3, but that’d be redundant if you ask me.

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Maybe. What your point reminds me of, from a German perspective, is the Tiger Porsche Befehlswagen. I think it’s a bit better than the Tiger H1 and a bit worse than the Tiger E. But of course separating the two production Tigers by more than 0.3 makes no sense and you have no intermediate BR in between where to place the Befehlswagen. So you compromise.


Let’s check “Panther is not OP” muh list.
Muh №1 Bad reverse: check.
Muh №2 Thin sides: both no good. Not check
Muh №3 Low damage: APHE vs AP/APDS means no check.
Muh №4 Slow turret traverse: not check.

Results: Cent Mk.1 is not superior.

I have no clue what this is supposed to mean but I appreciate it nontheless

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My comparison of Cent Mk1 and panther G.