Centauro VBC T60/70A -Automatic Centauro


I gathered you all here today to present you Centauro’s little brother: VBC 60mm.

This is one of VBM Freccia prototypes fitted with 60mm high-pressure gun( same as one on VCC-80/60). Hull is ealier version than VBC in game lacking stronger engine, at same time turret have mostly distinct by shape.

Quick History

In the 1990s, the Italian army became interested in wheeled combat vehicles as an alternative to the tracked IFV. They need lighter, cheaper and easier to deploy AFV for peace keeping operations and oversea missions. Lightly armoured and armed APC’s lack firepower to support its passengers, while on other hand armoured cars and tanks lack infantry cover. The newly introduced B1 Centauro was perfect for conversion.

Work on a new vehicle called VBC (Veicolo Blindado de Combattimento) which mean Armored Combat Vehicle, started in 1995. The hull without the turret was extended by 0.5 m and lowered by 25 cm, a ramp was placed in the rear. The entire hull was up-armored and the hull sides were additionally redesigned, making them vertical with a spaced armour at a distance of 29 cm and firing holes. The TC-20 and TC-25 turrets were placed on this modified chassis and the vehicle was presented at Eurosatory in 1996. During further work, the shooting holes and the screen were removed from the vehicle, which were considered weak points, the hull was raised again and the vehicle was equipped with a Hitfist 25 turret, the same as the VCC-80 Dardo, this version was shown in 1998. In the next a heavy version was created in which the Otobreda T60/70A turret was mounted on the hull. Prototype and Centauro in SW version(B1 Centauro with 4 passenger seats) were shown at Eurosatory in 2000 at the IVECO, this is version that I suggest.

Photo of first prototype:

Photo of improved VBC:


Structurally, hull is very similar to the VBC(PT2) in the game, but it does not have a more powerful engine, which is still the Iveco VCTA V6 with a power of 520 hp, so it lacks a bulge for the radiator. Nevertheless, using the German ZF 5 HP 1500 gearbox with 5+2 gears, it is able to reach a speed of 105 km/h. Other visual differences include headlights mounts placement which is still like on B1 Centauro and a shape of the radiator covers having round corners.

The H suspension system drives 3 rear wheels, providing maximum space and a flat floor, which facilitates the use of space. Due to this suspension, all wheels are independent and the destruction of one does not affect the others, the vehicle is able to drive even without power on wheels on one side. The crew consists of 3 people: driver, gunner, commander and 6 infantry.
The front is able to withstand 25mm APDS, and the sides are resistant to 14.5mm AP fire from 100m, with anti-spill linings covering the interior of the vehicle along the length of the three rear wheels. Additional composite armor can be installed on the hull, such as that of the VBM Freccia.

Engine with gearbox:



Otobreda T60/70A is a two-person turret that differs from the one used in the VCC80/60 and BWP2000. Differences include a longer gun mantlet, trimmed composite cheeks, greater height, and a different rear design. The armament is still the Otomelara 60mm HVGS autoloading gun with a supply of 32 shells and 1 or 2 7.62mm Beretta MG42/59 machineguns. Two ATGM launchers can be installed on turret sides (there is no evidence that such a version was ever mounted). There are two four-barrel 80mm smoke launchers on the sides with optional LWR.

The Oto 60mm HVGS cannon is a high-pressure cannon with a diameter of 60mm and a length of 70 calibers. The bullets are loaded shoulder-loaded from an automatic 32-round magazine with a rate of fire of 30 rounds per minute. The gun can fire APFSDS, HE and practice ammunition same as on VCC-80/60. Aiming angles are -6 to +48, gun is connected to stabilised sights with LRF.

M300 APFSDS round specs:
Mass of penetrator: 870g
Penetrator dimensions: 292 x 17mm
Maximum barrel pressure: 4350kg/cm2
Initial speed: 1620m/s
Decrease in speed in distance 95m/s on 1000m
penetration: 120mm RHA 60° at 2000m

Turret data:

Turret foto:

Turret with ATGM lanchers mounted on BWP-2000:

Gun data:
Jane's Armoured Fighting Vehicle Retrofit Systems 1993-94


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Weight: 24Mg(2400kg)
Length: 8m(800cm)
Hull height: 2m (198cm)
Height to the turret roof: 3,1m (312cm)
Turret heigh: 0,6m(64cm)
Max height: 3,7m (367cm)
Width: 3m(300cm)
Ground clearance: 0,4m (40cm)
Gradeability: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Wading: 1,5 m
Engine: Iveco VCTA V6 diesel
Power: 520hp(382kW)
Transmission: ZF 5 HP 1500
Gears: 5 front + 2 rear
Max speed: 105km/h
Control: 1st, 2nd and 4th wheel
Turning radius: 9m
Crew: 3 + 6
Armament: 60mm HVGS + 2x MG42/59
Rate of fire: 30r/min
Defences: 8x80 smoke + LWR

Photo comparison

VBC 60:
VBC 25:
Zrzut ekranu (86)
Centauro 105:
Zrzut ekranu (85)

Hull bulge(or lack of it) and sides:
VBC 60:
VBC 25:
Zrzut ekranu (87)
Centauro 105:
Zrzut ekranu (90)

Bird view(shows trapezoidal shape of engine vent and shape of turret):
VBC 60:
Centauro 60p
VBC 25:
Zrzut ekranu (88)
Centauro 105:
Zrzut ekranu (89)
Zrzut ekranu (93)

Turret side( take look at trimmed bottom of composite):
VBC 60:
Zrzut ekranu (94)

Both 60mm turrets:
VBC 60:


Reason for addition of this vehicle:
Combination of this unusual gun with more agile hull creates new playstyles and tactics. Who would not like automatic Centauro, heavy Freccia, or radarless Draco, this machine is ideal middle ground between them with enough flexibility to fit all 3 roles in some degree.

Thank everyone who attend my WarTed talk!

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Imo it would be an interesting squadron vehicle, probably at the same br as VCC-80/60.


yes, another auto loading 60m count me in!!!

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A faster, wheeled VCC-80/60? I love it. +1

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This was idea, but sadly as wheeled version it will end higher


I love the variety of Italian IFV’s and AFV’s

The VCC was the vehicle I got my first nuke
So obviously I want another