Centauro RGO, underpowered

Hello all, i wanted share my feelings about Centauro RGO. When i was playing RGO, i noticed its very slow. Many tracked tanks will outrun you, then i checked stat cards and RGO is 4,5t heavier, why??? I checked every part of tank its almost same like 120, same with armor thickness. Even searched on google, found nothing. RGO is in very poor state now, when i compare it for example to M1A1 its much more worse. Either it should get lower weight or higher HP.

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what is your crew level?
the Centauro RGO its heavier because it has extra armor additions on the lower front of the hull, aswell as a new smoke system and stuff on the side plus the armor shields

Hey, my crew is 71, maxed commander, reload, almost reparis vitality, etc. With expert. Still i dont think it can make that much difference, that thing is very very slow… :/ And slow paper tank is very bad.

yeah the weight increase its significant

worst top tier premium

no worse top tier premium pack def goes for the israel Merkava MK2D

Naa… Challenger 2 bro XD

challenger 2 DS is not that bad really, but is not good either, good question wichone is the worse premium pack?

It’s heavier because of the extra armor that comes with it being built on the serie 3 hull insteal of the serie 1 hull that we have the tech tree Centauro MGS on. If we had the serie 3 hull Centauro MGS in the tree, it would be nearly exactly the same weight.

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It uses steel as armour addon instead of composite as the 120.

The 120 has a better coverage overall, with composite plates on the front and sides of both the turret and hull.

Maybe the Italian Warkit special, get a bunch of extra weight added and get nothing of value in return.

The challenger 1 DS * there’s a challenger 2 premium now aswell

yeah i was thinking of that one but im still thinking wich one is worse

DS is 1000 times better to play.

Idk how irl, but in the game s.3 doesn’t really have that much add-on armor (4.5 t?), only 5 mm RHHA plates over LFP, yes the hull is a bit lengthened, but still. We actually have s.3 Centauro 105 in a form of Spanish VRCC. It has a hull identical to RGO.
VRCC weights 3 t more compared to Preserie Centauro in the game, though it also has turret add-on armor.
Looking at the regular I 120 and all of its composite screens, logically it should actually weight more or similar to RGO)
On the other hand maybe those 25 mm plates all around the turret add way more weight compared to composite screens.

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