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Hello, I’ve been trying to make a custom mission for a while now and when I load into the mission it just shows a sideways camera and then it kicks me out. I was wondering if anyone could help me solve this problem since I would really like to start making custom missions for the community and my friends to play on.

I can provide the file if needed on my mission and you could tell me whats wrong.
TestMissionSweden2.blk (4.9 KB)

When I was making missions, I commonly just started over, and followed the tutorial again.

GIT and SVN, with DIFF is also something to consider using, as it will show you changes and how things come to be, compared to just making changes, breaking something then wondering how it broke.

Version control is genuinely an awesome thing to know and use.

I just need help with making it multiplayer and being able to play on it without being kicked out. I’ve followed like 4 tutorials already but its still not working and I have no clue why if you’d like to help me out with it I would really appreciate it

Usually with that situation, the spawns and the groups aren’t set up right. That was at least how it was getting me when I started out.

I haven’t actually fired up the CDK for a long while currently, I might have to pull it out again.

(Edit - Also try a different map, do less, and get the simple stuff going first is another advice. So many new maps and all that in there.)

Can you try to check my file out? What maps do you recommend to switch to if not Sweden?

When I did my map, I was testing naval so I used a complete open-water map. I just had planes and ship spawns, AI ships to push through the path to the objective, and players and bots could spawn planes and ships.

I’ll see what I can do, I grabbed the CDK earlier, but yea, as I said my solution is start over and give another go xD

I’ve started over 3 times already and It’s really frustrating lol. I’m trying to do a ground map and when I figure that out I’ll add helicopter and air spawns

Currently it says ‘Incompatible Mission Parameters’ when I start it.

huh thats weird

it did say that it had an issue with verification or something everytime i saved and i couldnt find anything about that online so i cant fix it

I’d google the specific wording of that error you’re getting and see what pops up.

Be sure to exempt your game folder from your antivirus.

I was trying to use google drive like i had before and that turns out it doesn’t work now so it ends up on a local machines website on my LAN.

i googled it exactly i can check it again if you want the full wording but yeah i found nothing


I checked console and fixed the error and it still does not work here is updated file see if you can launch it if you want
test.blk (5.0 KB)

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how many do i need? should i make like 32 if i want 32 players max?

I followed a different tutorial but it worked thank you so very much.

Do you by any chance know how to setup a Air spawn for aircraft?

Oh yeah also making targets respawn, do you know anything about that

EDIT: i figured it out from another post but do you have any idea on how to make passive reload / instant reload for player tanks so u dont have to respawn tanks all the time

Create a Zone and setup it with “missionMarkAsRespawnPoint”

The easy way is to use “missionMarkAsRearmZone”, but for faster reloads, there is a plan to use “unitRestore” for players.

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how do I use the unitRestore one? could you help me out with that I’ve tried on my own but I can’t quite get it to work and there are no tutorials out there on it