Categorize maps with a "representative historical year" and use it appropriately in the Ground SB event templates

I usually play 1_1 template (1930) vehicles in port map, clearly 1960+ scenario to me.
I think that fact impact negatively in the gameplay quality and immersion.
Simulator Battles is the only mode that resemble some historical coherence.

There is a lot of maps right now… is possible to assign the appropriate ones to every daily template?


one of the reasons is the extremely undemanding RB community.
I remember years ago, historical authenticity was oftened because of balancing cries from the RB community. unfortunately, this RB community is the largest. that’s why the sacrifice of historical accuracy also spills over into sim mode.

the key reason is the same undemanding nature of the developers. the developers themselves probably just unfortunately want a better WoT but not a tank sim.

I think it would be technically absolutely possible to combine historical authenticity and balancing in war thunder. other games can do that too. so it’s just a question of will.

…to answer your question. as a self-created custom battle (without SL). but in random battles, unfortunately, you continue to get Tiger tanks in Vietnam and Abrams in Normandy and 1930 tanks in 1960 port.

I think the same about your comments.
I´m 6 years old WT player right now; but correct me if I wrong… In the GroundSB vehicle lists are a sort of “last historical accuracy attempt”; look that here the ±1 BR is not true and, think with some exceptions, many vehicles share the same historical time here.

Also, I am asking only for a coherent map selection (avoid 1930’s vehicles in spaceport map). The impact of this in the battle balance is minimal or even inexistent.

Continuing with your observations, for simple balance methods crying babies you have RB mode (like the idea of every single vehicle could fight against every single vehicle in the other side)
I think the SB community could handle “more complex” or “team based balancing strategies”.

  • Historical vehicle grouping.
  • Spawn points using BR differences in the battlefield
  • Team work: more standardized radio messages to share better situational awareness (new recent improvements in this way), intelligence reports (map comments to report the highest threats of opposite team) and finally minimal pre-cordination of vehicle spawn selection in the side (example a good attacker bomb load could handle a Maus single spawn in the battle, there is always a Sim pilot en the SB Ground matches, if not… unfair and crude war…).
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Even then, not really. M-51s and EBRs are already part of the WW2 room rotation. Even the PT-76-57, not the original, the modernised version from like 2006, is in the late WW2 bracket.

We’re about to get a Leopard chassis join BR 4 or something, there is no such thing as historical anything in this game, and even if there was, that goes out the window with everyone driving around with sparklers, neon signs and waifu anime pillows.

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Ok… that was my last authenticity hope… jajaj.

I tried to promote a new chronological MM (grouping by vehicle representative year) and BR balance (Spawn point cost regarding BR differences in the battlefield) method in the old forum… to combine the random matches that the RB community wants and a minimal historical coherence and realism that true SB community wants.

That idea don’t get enough voting power… I think maybe it was not right understood or constructively criticized.

Really I don´t have many problems with a non historical battles, could be hypothetical ones; but at least with chronological coherence in participant vehicles and map scenario.

I’ll just wait until gaijin gets new employees to implement the wishes of the sim players. including historical accuracy. the basic potential in the game is there. a lot is just too listlessly implemented. it’s really a question of will. as long as the developers are on their ‘acrade trip’ we can forget it.