Catalogue of Hellenic/Cypriot vehicles

Hey, this will be a thread on vehicles operated by Greece and Cyprus predominately from post WWII onwards. Focusing on all aspects of the Hellenic and Cypriot defense forces (Naval, Helicopters, Air and Ground) though the latter of the four will be focused on in particular since the vast majority of Unique Hellenic and Cypriot vehicles is from that branch

If any errors or potential additions that can be added please let me know


Domestic Designs

ELVO Leonidas 2 Family


The Leonidas 2 is a APC that is an evolution of the Leonidas 1 APC, the Hellenic variant of the Austrian Saurer 4K 4FA produced in large quantities starting from 1981. The Leonidas 1 alongside the first production run of the Leonidas 2 were produced in Austria while the rest was produced in Greece by ELVO/EBO. Greece will produce more than 800 examples of the Leonidas 2 with Cyprus operating around 200 and the Greek government gifting North Macedonia 10 examples for the North Macedonian Army. Greece and Cyprus operate them to this day. The Hellenic Army operates their Leonidas-2’s to compliment their massive stock of M113’s

Even though it was an APC, ELVO made several proposals to turn them into FSV’s and IFV’s with a lot of prototypes

Leonidas 2 FSV’s: All prototypes


Leonidas 2 (ENGESA)

An Leonidas 2 with a Brazilian built turret consisting of a 90mm cannon. This turret can also be found on the EE-9 Cascavel


Leonidas 2 (Cockerill)

An Leonidas 2 with a turret mounting a cannon from Cockerill, both 90 & 105mm variants are available.

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Leonidas 2 IFV’s: All prototypes


Leonidas 2 (20)

An Leonidas 2 with a 20mm autocannon. I’m unable to find which cannon exactly though i’ll make an educated guess and assume that it’s the Rh202 Autocannon


Leonidas 2 (TC-13)

An Leonidas 2 with a Spanish made turret with a 25mm Bushmaster Autocannon. Due to it’s higher gun elevation it can do anti-COIN, Helicopter and Drone capabilities than the other Leonidas 2’s


Leonidas 2 (DAF)

An Leonidas 2 with a Dutch made turret equipped with a 25mm Bushmaster Autocannon.


Leonidas 2 (NFT Mk.25)

Yet another Leonidas 2 armed with a 25mm Bushmaster Autocannon.


There is also plans for Leonidas 2 IFV’s to have 30 and even a 40mm Bofors autocannon however i am still yet to determine to see if they were even built

ELVO Kentaurus: Prototype only


The Kentaurus is Greece’s attempt to make an IFV from the ground up with the assistance from KUKA, Mauser and Rheinmetall developed from 1996-1998. Equipped with a 30mm autocannon originally from Bushmaster however a licensed built Mauser 30mm built by EBO was chosen instead. Ultimately it was rejected in favor of the BMP-3HEL though that deal fell through in 2012

despite this there were attempts to not only restart the program but also to build a domestically built IFV


The 30mm Mauser derived autocannon was also used in the Artemis 30 Anti-Air System, an Autocannon and ADS also developed by EBO

Modified foreign designs

BMP-1A1 Ost (ZU-23-2)


In 2014 several BMP-1’s had their original turrets removed and replaced with a mounting for a ZU-23-2 autocannon, stationed on the Aegean islands


M113 (ZU-23-2) & M113 (M61)


Hellenic Army M113’s with the ZU-23-2 autocannon & M61 railgun mounted ontop of it. It’s not unique to Greece however since the Lebanese and Ukrainians did similar upgrades to their M113’s

nSAK5qA (1)



M48A5 with the EMES-18 (MOLF) FCS among other changes and improvements. Similar in performance to the M48A2GA2 and Magach-3/5’s




Licensed built Humvee with aesthetic changes to the hull. Greece used them as ATGM carriers, TOW’s were used on it however that is boring. TOW’s aren’t the only ATGM to be used on Hellenic Humvee’s however, the Hellenic Army also used MILAN and Kornet ATGM’s too. Finally they can mount the usual and 40mm grenade launchers as secondary weapons


Foreign Designs



Greece bought 501 BMP-1A1’s from Germany (they were all ex-East German) in the mid 1990’s primarily to defend the Aegean Islands from a potential Turkish invasion. All of the modifications were done by the Germans with the sole exception that the Hellenic Army added a mount ontop of it for additional firepower. In 2005 100 BMP-1A1 Ost’s were sent to the Iraqi Army. In 2014 onwards several BMP-1’s had their original turrets removed and replaced with a custom made turret for a ZU-23-2 autocannon. In 2017 another 100 BMP-1A1 Ost’s were brought by the Egyptian Army. Finally during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine in 2022 the remaining BMP-1A1 Ost’s will be sent to the Ukrainian army partially to restock Ukraine’s lost BMP-1’s as well as part of a deal for the Hellenic army to finally acquire a new IFV

T-80U & T-80UK




EE-9 Cascavel Mk.IV & V



Leopard 1A4

M901 ATGM Carrier

Mephisto ATGM Carrier

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Leopard 2A4 105mm(Greece)

Leopard 2A6 with 105mm L7 gun