Casual looking for group to chill with

Casual here looking to party up with a group to chill and have fun. Not really the greatest at tanks but id say im in the medium skilled area. Just an escape to the madness of life :)

Type of squadron you’re looking for: Casual
Modes you play: Arcade Ground mostly since im solo, Ground Realistic
Type of vehicles you like playing the most: Tank
Preferred nations: Willing to play any but ive spent most of my time doing the german line and russian
Preferred game servers: EU
Age: 33
Preferred language: English
Preferred controller type: Mouse + Keyboard
Time zone : Greenwich Mean Time
Preferred communication platform: Discord

Did you find anyone? I am looking for the same!

Hello guys, I think here at TAW we may offer exactly what you’re looking for


The Art of Warfare [TAW]

The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a well organized international gaming community that was established in 2001.

What we offer

  • Active and organized players in War Thunder and many other games.
  • An international community so there is always someone in your timezone to play with.
  • A huge Teamspeak server.
  • A website at
  • Medals and badges that recognize your skill in War Thunder and your contributions to TAW
  • A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community.
  • New friendships with your clan mates
  • Lots of games to play just a channel away. (A full list of games can be found here)
  • And much, much more.

What we offer you in the War Thunder Division

  • All game modes: Arcade, Realistic and Simulator.
  • All types of vehicles: tanks, planes and ships.
  • All nations
  • A place for those who are just looking for other people to play with.
  • Multiple fun events every week organized by our leadership.


  • Be able to understand and speak English (doesn’t have to be perfect).
  • Be willing to use Teamspeak
  • Have a working microphone
  • Be mature
  • Be active
  • Most importantly have fun!

How to join us

If you’re interested in joining, you can apply here.

If you want more info you can check out our recruitment thread The Art of Warfare is looking for players

You could also contact me by sending me a pm, messaging me on Discord at macc92 or sending me an email at [email protected].