Casmu SkyShark: The Cluster Shark of the Skies

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CASMU Skyshark stand off weapon at the 1989 Paris Air Show… | Flickr
Description: Back in 1983, the Italian companies Aeritalia and Snia BPD, united in the CASMU consortium (Consorzio Armamenti Spendibili Multi Uso), started to develop a new cluster bomb to solve the problem of the German MW1 cluster bomb dispenser. The problem was that for dropping the bombs with the MW1, the aircraft should have been on the target at close range, and for that, it will be a lot more vulnerable to enemy anti-aircraft weapons. The Skyshark, with a maximum range between 12 and 25 km (depending on the version), was able to solve this problem since the aircraft was at a safe distance. Aeritalia provided the platform and the integration of the systems, while the Snia BPD was responsible for the submunitions. The flight test was started in 1988 at the Poligono Interforze Di Salto Di Quirra in Sardinia, Italy, where the weapon was mainly launched by the Tornado. The developers of the “Piripicchio” group (Aeritalia’s “skunk-works” design group at that time) decided to avoid putting folding wings to avoid other issues related to that one. The development featured two variants: one with a rocket propeller with a maximum range of 12 km and one with a turbojet propeller with a maximum range of 25 km. For being a bomb, it was also very fast, with a maximum speed of Mach 0.8. It also featured a warhead of 900 kg, giving the bomb a maximum weight of 1500 kg. After these two first variants, CASMU developed one further variant capable of being stealthy. Despite its very good performance and development, The SkyShark was abandoned in the 1990s without any further development.

Aircraft able to carry it alredy in game

Panavia Tornado A200A

Capable of carry 3 (2 under the wings pilon and 1 under the fusulage)





Aeritalia AMX

Capable of carry 2 (Both under the wings pilon)









Others Pictures/Books


Livro - Avião - Sky - Leia Descrição- | MercadoLivre

Imagem 7 de 9 de Livro - Avião - Sky - Leia Descrição-




Why it should be in the game:

If added this weapons will increase a lot the performance of the Tornado (and in future of the AMX) because it will make those aircraft able to strike enemy Base and Airport being at a safe distance from them. It can also be very good in ground battles since the player would be Able to cover entire part of the map and kill tanks Will AP bomblet and be safe at a long range. It will also make more unique the Italian Tornado with a completly new Italian weapon.


Archivio Fotografico Aeromedia

Skyshark - Wikipedia’s+guide…-a09046343 materiels WW2/Waffen Arsenal So01 - Raketen der Nato, Lenkwaffen & Flugkörper.pdf



Sky Power (FN Hernstal Airbone Weapons Sistems)


Imagem 1 de 9 de Livro - Avião - Sky - Leia Descrição-

Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports, Volume 28,Edizioni 1-4 skyshark&f=false

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+1 It wouldn’t be bad, to have more capacity in the Tornado

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+1, would be cool

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+1 great research, this bomb must be added

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