CAS players, how do you find Naval compared to Ground

Hi! I am interested in opinions of anybody who play CAS in Ground and Naval, how do you find those in comparison to each other? Personally, I find it a lot harder to earn SP for plane in Naval and if I do there doesn’t seem to be much time to actually do much, except for like one strafe/bomb.

Whats your take on it? Do you enjoy one more and why? Also some unusual tips for fun CAS stuff to do?:)

There’s quite a large difference between bluewater and costal naval battles for CAS, but in general the higher the BR the harder CAS becomes, since naval AA firepower increases much faster than aircraft performance (unlike ground, where the balance is generally in the aircraft’s favour).

I don’t have a lot of experience with costal, but even from my brief stint there I found that CAS is very effective; in low tiers I’d even say it’s overpowered. Most costal ships have little to no AI-controlled AA guns, and most people are too busy fighting other boats to look out for aircraft. As a result, CAS in costal feels very much like ground, with the sole difference being that targets are generally moving much faster.

CAS in bluewater is much harder, mostly due to the incredible amount of anti-aircraft firepower. Against destroyers and early cruisers CAS is still enjoyable, but by 6.0 I’d rather stick to ships, since attacking any ship at this BR is basically playing Touhou Project on lunatic difficulty.

In theory, one could avoid the bullet hell by toss bombing with a manoeuvrable fighter-bomber (even then, it’s probably only possible in naval arcade), but I’ve never tried it. Maybe I’ll test it out if I’m bored enough one day.


Isn’t the difference between Naval and Ground is that in Naval AI controls the AAA, while in ground it’s human?

I know when I played Naval a year or more ago, AAA would shred you at long ranges.

Mind i dont play naval, but from those few times i gave naval chance and got to spawn a torpedo plane, it was like this

Well, there are ways how to work around it, but the question is assuming, you know it…

I also felt like CAS is pointless, when I tried a plane during my first Naval battles, so I understand many players give up on planes in Naval early on, instead of trying to figure it out.

So you feel like you can get in plane pretty quickly and manage to do a lot while at it?

What planes do you use? Bombs, rockets, strafing?

I’d watch some of DOLLARPlays content as he does a lot of Naval.


I wouldn’t say quickly, but since ships don’t cost SP I would eventually get enough to spawn a plane. I don’t really play naval solely for CAS, it’s mostly a “well I’m out of ships so I might as well hop in a plane and have some more fun” situation.

I used the SBD-3 in costal (I’ve only got to 1.7 BR in the costal tree), since I found it a reasonable balance between bomb load and manoeuvrability. Plus I played arcade in costal, so I was fine with just bringing a single 1000 lb and waiting for the in-air reload. It didn’t have rockets, but I suspect that they would work just fine if you have good aim with them. Don’t strafe though, that’ll alert the target and they will down you quicker than you can sink them.

In bluewater I started out with the B-26B, since it was my only plane at the time that had two 2000 lbs, and it worked surprisingly well up to 5.3 BR. I’ve switched to the AD-2 now but haven’t quite gotten the hang of aiming the torpedo (I mostly play realistic in bluewater). The AM-1 would probably be a better option with three torpedos, but I don’t have it yet.

I watched some Naval CAS videos, but I am more interested in players opinions this time.

I mean, Naval seems to be the least appealing out of the three game modes, but I would guess, that people would at least find planes there appealing, but I guess that when people think Naval, they don’t immediately realize, they can play planes there as well.

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I dont like the gameplay, too boring for me so its why i stay away from it. tried a few matches, just not for me.

So you tried to get in for the planes?

For you

You dont find much CAS in naval because every blue water ship (except few) has very good anti aircraft protection. Some of them even insane.

Then in coastal, you have ships with radar and HE-VT shells at 3.3 BR…

Naval is asymetric to aircraft tree so its a bit unfair.

I mostly play NRB and it’s quite hard to use CAS, torpedoes are almost impossible to use, though you can still get one or two vessels with poor AA using big bombs, I mostly play Italian navy and for me best planes to use are Bf-110G-4, SM.92, Re.2005, P-47D-30 and now Tu-2S-59, on the other hand I prefer to spawn another ship in most situations unless I’ve already spawned 3 times.

Yes, for me and for majority of WT playerbase. Thats why I am interested in opinion on Air in Naval, as Air is the most popular mode in WT, so it could draw in players to Naval, if it was easy enough to specialize in planes there, imo.
Unfortunately, I find if unsuitable for planes, due to even higher SP demands than in Ground and far less time to use it, due to fast ticket bleed that is present in Naval for some reason.

But maybe I just don’t know how to use CAS more effectively there, thats why I submitted this post, to find out.

Thank god Gaijin doesnt care about majority of WT playerbase.

In bluewater, the only place CAS is at all usable really is reserve tier.

Anything above like 4.0, and there is a permanent no fly zone within ~3km of any enemy ship, so its kinda pointless.

Ive flown a few planes in naval, mostly fighters and just stayed up high, sometimes getting to engage another enemy plane if they spawn.

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