CAS NEED to be NERFED so bad

I just had a battle in ground rb i am basicly new playerwith premium acc but thats not the point the point is that on br 6.3 on my main nation ussr i got full uptier but okey i can still use my is2 or asu to destroy tanks and gain rp and sl and guess what the only thing i did in that battle was 1hit withaut pen and dying 3 times all 3 times becoause of bombs the first situation was simple i am on the snipe position on sinai with my is2 it was abaut 2mins since the match even began and i hear propeller nois and bam 2000lb bomb lands next to me abaut 1 meter ofc you have no chance of escaping or j-ing out to not give those noobs a kills bomb explodes 1st deatch my second deatch was even worse i spawn in asu 85 and after traveling a astronomus 450meters bomb fallse next to me and my squadmate 2000lb one no time to even run away bomb goas booom and i die another time the last deatch was just funny me and my squadmate spotted a american t-34 heavy tank and wanted to destroy it i missed a weakspot by inches but dont worry t34 yo uwill be never shot at by me coause another bombe falls on me the same guy the same plane the same 2000lb bomb thx the match for me is over

Ok so what is my solution to cas noobs that are bad on ground get one kill or 2 asists and j-out to fly theyr stupid plane?-it is simple and i thing genius

-when the match starts it must pass abaut 5-6 minutes before planes can spawn after that the only planes that can spawn is fighters
Why?. couse it will be more realistic first was always recon squadron of the cas to do the recon fast agile fighters like p-51 or early jets
after another 5 minutes the normal cas arrives and cost of spawn should be increased so you need to be very good to spawn an aircraft for example you are good player and destroyed 5 enemy tanks but someaone catches you and you go kaboom then you can spawn couse you done something to your team or wait few mintues until cass is avalaible

i thing this is good idea or just increase cas spawn cost

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Question. Do you have SPAAGs unlocked, a plane to fight CAS or to CAS unlocked? How does your line up look like? If only tanks, then RIP.


No, he wants War Thunder to be like WoT where people can play their tanks in peace. You can massively negate the impact of CAS with good positioning, but that interrupts their fun, so no CAS fun allowed.


If you complain about CAS, just get an AA


Without needing to die first, it would be good ;)

would love to hear about it more.

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CAS is the only funny thing in tank battles !

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Already shown it on other thread. So can just rewatch those videos.

Please link it, I would love the positions that massively negate the impact of CAS.

did u not watch them???

I haven’t seen any video showing any positions that massively negate the impact of CAS when You are in a tank.

We talking about SPAAG, not Tanks

Gaijin will just reply it takes skill to earn sp to spawn CAS

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Sorry, but @SlowHandClap was talking about β€˜tanks’:

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i have spaa unlocked but it is weak you see for cas players spaa are fre kills due to opentop construction of most of them ofc you have better guns to fight them but it is not as effective as should be

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Absolutly not cas is realistic but not in form that it is now 2 mins after battle start and enemy has 4 cas in the air

ahh my bad. Yea, cant avoid 500lbs+ bombs that easily with tanks. Having the Mg helps on top but there are some that dont have Mg on top. Tough luck at this point. As a tanker, I hide from incoming planes line up sight to avoid getting bomb. In open fields or open map, will just depend on Luck and hope the plane doesn’t target you out of all the tanks it sees.

It is still not as the @SlowHandClap described, so I will be waiting for his reply.

rembember that you can be scauted by light tanks and you are then a juicy target my friend

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