Cas is way to op

I mean gaijin could you at least make it so you are required to get more kills.

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Here we go again another “CAS Op”. “CAS removal”. CAS blah blah blah. It feels like you people just don’t know when to quit. They do not understand the actual difficulty when it comes to performing CAS. Cause most of your experiences involve you not learning how to fly the dang on aircraft and performing Kamikaze runs into A the ground, B a tree, or C into a tank forgetting to drop the bomb or whatnot.

The other ones are D->Being intercepted, E->flat out dropping very large bomb such as a 1000kg bomb->2000 pound bomb. Or F->trying to kill your enemy with just machine guns and cannons without taking into consideration that your cannons are aligned with the actual placement not wherever you aim.


Well they brought a Suggestion so not quite, and probably put off the topics dominated by one person.

But yes, this Suggestion already can fit in one of the 3 to 4 other threads.

Whatever happened to the original one?

This player has not a “regular” so should not be lumped in with the “others”.

Just a quick redirect from any of us to those threads before Mods collapse this duplicate thread, the OP will appreciate.

the actual difficulty

There isn’t any tho.

no one cares about the difficulty of cas like at all if cas is cancer its cancer it will be fucking impossible to kill a good cas player since they can just kill you in their spawn and shit and they can just spawn camp the ally air spawn

also cas isnt even that hard to play just dive in an bomb thats it. its even way easier with guided weapons or ccip

Oh no so impossible, it’s almost as if people just aren’t good at being Anti Air cause they hold trigger and don’t know what trigger discipline is. Where you open fire within your effective firing range and do not keep firing when an aircraft is over 1500 km away but you think it is only 20.

I’ve had probably only 3 times where I had to tell the entire team of AA to fudge stop firing and for once they listened, once the planes came in we gave them hell. When they ran, we stopped, when they came back hell. Rinse and repeat.

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Oh yay, another “booo remove cas” thread. I definitely haven’t seen this 574,291.24 times before.


Lads just stop!

Redirect and keep it in the threads we have. Have the same argument there but not across 3-4 identical topics!

In an ideal world yes, however, these people will keep making these.

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I know, but the OP is just a player and not yet “one of them”.

Start how we mean to go on and just leave the more egregious commenters to scream at themselves; Gaijin currently ain’t listening to them.

There is already a corresponding thread with the topic.