CAS is Broken in ground realistic

does matter the BR. Getting spawn camped by planes or helis its getting to be unplayable past 1-2 deaths. Getting spawn camped by jet or by a KA-50… Kill 1 person and they revenge bomb you without hesitation. Its to easy to spawn in planes and helicopters in ground realistic battles. While AA gets punished by getting focused by multiple enemy’s like Heli’s and jets OR they are getting spawn camped by tanks aswell combine they cannot compete. Something needs to be done about CAS in all BRs.


Please, no more CAS threads! I’m going insane! This is the 9th one in the last few days to my knowledge! There is already a thread for this.

Please stop with the CAS threads AHHHHHHHHHH


indeed!.. Thanks!

Make sure to use one topic on a certain subject… Staff will not find all of the relevant feedback from a dozen threads and some things will be missed because Staff tend to get all the Feedback from one Topic, since it is easier to follow and keep track of the feedback as more comes in and including after updates have dropped that may have addressed issues… so, it is important because the Staff can then see new feedback about the update(s) too and compare the old and new feedback…

So… make sure to use a topic already created as mentioned… Thanks!