CAS for Italy

As well known to all we have a historic shortage of CAS aircraft in the Italian TT.

Italian TT gamers have been waiting in vain for years.

The present post is to reiterate this need also on the new forum.

The TT needs, and is a manifest need and a widespread and shared opinion of:

  1. The Aermacchi MB326 series (especially the K/Impala model)

  2. The Aermacchi MB339 series

  3. AMX Ghibli (A-11A, A-11B and the Brazilian version A-1)

  4. MD Harrier II

Furthermore, as a quick remedy, a series of C&P could be introduced to the lower BRs, among these:

  1. P-39 (the only nation in the game to have used them and which does not have them in the TT)

  2. P-51 (Besides being an excellent fighter it also has good CAS capabilities, and also in this case this model is missing only in Italy, this is now ridiculous given that in other trees there are also war prize planes)

  3. Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver

controversy has often arisen about the C&P, the opinion has changed a lot recently after the introduction of the good P-47D which gave a significant boost to the mid/low CAS line, then it is useless to look for what does not exist or imaginative prototypes , obscure and without documentation, when there are viable alternatives. Moreover, C&Ps do not take away the possibility of having native aircraft, which in any case has never happened in all these years, so I would say that it is also time to get over it.


Italian TT is in dire need of CAS jets, I hope we get Aermacchi finally next update especially least armed MB-326B and MB-339A so we can use it in 6.x-7.x line ups.


AV-8B+ Harrier II early good attack aircraft 11.7 because without AIM-120 AMRAAM, carry AIM-9L sidewinder, GBU-16 Paveway II, AGM-65E Maverick and unguided bomb but without targeting pod

AMX ACOL A-11B “Ghibli” & Tornado IDS A200C MLU very good attack aircraft toptier 12.3, and Aermacchi M-346FA very good light multirole combat aircraft

tornado ids?

the tornado is trash, you’ll lose just about every engagement you’ll see unless you see someone who doesn’t know how to play

maybe we can expect Hungruy to add in Italian TT, JU88, me210, and JU87 are very good choices.

Tornado has been a rolling thunder champion for me. Just gotta learn to avoid Pantsirs and Chinese Helis.

Engagement? We are talking about CAS here.

Tornado IDS A200C MLU better Tornado IDS (1995) because very good CAS & very good Air-to-Ground armament

IDS-M (2003) would be very strong, I don’t see Gaijin moving to add it anytime soon.

what more does it offer?

Massive avionics upgrades, storm shadow, AGM-88E, GPS guided bombs, and more countermeasures

So, I guess at least gajin might consider AV-8B+ Harrier II early without AIM-120 AMRAAM, Aermacchi MB.339CD & AMX A-11A this year

cm’s are limited in game due to code anyway, gps bombs wont be particularly great in game, arh isnt here, nor are cruise missiles. i dont think it will change much.

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I suggest looking into why those weapons are better, and reevaluating your knowledge of the state of the game.

what use case for gps bombs are you aiming for exactly?

the gbu-39’s with thermal seeker will be powerful, not sure about the gps bombs tho

however all i can find is that gbu-39’s with gps guidance were used

Tornado is only available for top tier setup and it is far from being a comfort CAS, it’s like a strategic bomber in lower br battles, you can kill tanks with it if you are lucky, but you will be deleted from the sky very easily.
Though again imo lower br jets are more necessary for Italian TT, currently the tree has a little variety at jet era and huge gaps (like from 6.3 to 8.0, from 9.7 to 10.7), Aermacchi and AMXes will be like a fresh air + can add some nice premiums.

Yet your maneuverability is sub par, already hard enough avoiding sams