CAS for Italy

There is also a couple of more G.91 variant that can be added

G.91T-1: Combat trainer Variant of the G.91R.1 with only 2 50.cals but can use the same unguided weaponry as the other G.91’s
G.91R-3: Depending on which G.91R-3 we are going we can implement the R-3 that Italy trialed which will be identical to the German TT or the R-3’s used by Portugal which can mount AIM-9B’s

Other vehicles to consider is the following

SIAI S 2.11: A combat trainer/light attack aircraft primarily for the export market, has no inbuilt weapons but can mount various bombs, unguided rockets and gunpods in 5 hardpoints similar to the SK60/SAAB 105G/OE, Japan could potentially get this vehicle as well as a Filipino aircraft since the Philippines operated the S 2.111 and is (arguably) the most prolific user of the type

Aermacchi M 3.111/345: Evolution of the 2.111, the main differences are the engine and the ability to use AIM-9L’s, the engines it uses are the Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5C and Williams International FJ44-4M engine respectively increasing top speed from a poultry 667 kph to 740 kph

Aermacchi M.346: Light Attack/Fighter aircraft which can equip AIM-9L’s, ASM’s, Maverick AGM’s alongside unguided bombs, rockets and gunpods, Israel will get the M.346 as well since they operate the M.346 as well

Fiat G.80/G.82: Italy’s first attempt at a combat trainer, comparable in performance and role as the T-33 which Italy also operated, the comparisons to the T-33 go even further since like the T-33 the G.80/82 can only equip 8 rockets and 2 bombs and only has 2 mounted 50.cals in the nose

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