CAS Destroying the game

41% There should be a “Combined Arms” mode with CAS (similar to Ground Battles now)
and a “Tank Battles” mode without CAS or other aircraft
(Voting Results)

Simple & Perfect solution for everyone but gaijin…


another one plis stop at least use the one already known with much more discussion and visibility
I can understand your hatred but at least use your head a little it’s useless to spam this treat every two seconds


This is The Big Problem in a game.
We (userbase) have to do anything to save and enjoy this game.

I can assure you that it is the wrong way

No, this is not “We”. Don’t claim to speak for people who you do not represent, please.


We like a Tank Only RB gamemode.
Simple even for you…

41% of voting users is a majority…WE are the majority… Its so simple even for you…

Is this some kind of sect? Brrr…i`m so scared

You aren’t some grand savour you just get annoyed when one type of vehicle kills you instead of another one

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And again…

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and another one


Please use already created thread to discuss CAS.


Ehm. No.

50% and more is a majority.

Also, it’s a bit iffy to assume 41% of players who voted in your favor represent the whole community. They don’t even represent the whole part of the community in the forum, just 41% of those who took part in this particular vote.