Cargo Part Container modeling

Some cargo containers are hollow while others are not. There is no consistency to this and it is not enjoyable to shoot through a container to find out for some reason it is modeled as solid where as 10 feet over one is hollow.

You speak about some maps having those well:
Containers are made of construction steel → low BR rounds (under 8.0) might be affected by the 2 layers of 10mm steel sheets

Those 10 feets also might be full of goods, this would explain the ammo not going through.

I would understand that APDS/APFSDS rounds based to be penetrators should be able to go through all of this.

APDS would loose many of it’s energy, and so it penetrating power → let’s say about 30%
Also adding chances to be deviated from shape of container

APFSDS would also be loosing some power (about 25%), and will not be deviated, thanks to thin-tails making it able to stand into a straight line

All others rounds would have problematics, those containers can be considered as Composite armor

While you can generally tell which you can shoot through, it is annoying when you guess wrong. In a similar vein, I would love the hit boxes of rocks to be fixed. Sometimes, their hitboxs are like 1-2 feet larger than the model.


Shooting laterally. Also the decal effect after shooting showed “concrete”. They certainly aren’t modeling the interiors beyond “solid”.

My “but” part, is that this feature of “wall-banging” should not become a regular thing, as it would lead to some over use if it’s not regulated.