Car Destruction

What happened to the destruction of non moving vehicles? When ran over before, it left the frame, now it leaves nothing?

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What are you saying?

I’m saying when you run over a car, it used to leave its frame, now it just disappears

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Wdym by it’s “frame”?

the bottom of the car, like where stuff gets added on? Try it in a match. Running over a car leaves nothing


Oh you mean actual cars on maps. I thought you were talking about tanks.

It was kind of annoying cause Gaijin can’t handle high speed collisions well so sometimes it’d send my tank flying. Dunno if it’s for every map but I won’t really miss it.

Guessing he means this, they disappear after destroying the cars after we run over them lol

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Don’t be sorry. It’s fine. I just misunderstood what you said. No need to apologize.