Capturing a point in GRB should count towards RP Bonus

I don’t really understand why only kills count towards the streak I think captures should contribute as well as they are a major focus of the game mode.


And assists, and crits, and scouting, and everything else that designers have already made clear they think are important contributors toward winning by giving them scores.

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Assists Crits and Scouting are all non direct towards winning the match

They give RP they give SL but this bonus is for game winning scores

Kills and Captures are what makes up GRB, the enemy loses tickets while capture points are held and when kills occur.

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I’ve probably won a game maybe 3 times ever by killing all the enemy in ground (not counting “Battle” mode which is intended to be just team deathmatch and reasonably usually ends that way)

Yes hence the other game winning function in GRB, captures, should count towards the RP bonus.

In naval damage dealt is what is calculated. In Air RB base damage should count based on lb dropped. Game winning actions should be rewarded.

If your logic is “game winning things” then if anything it would be ONLY caps, NOT kills, since kills extremely rarely win a game (other than team deathmatch).

Kills fall into the same category as assists and all that junk, in “indirectly contributing to the win” in like 99% of cases. So include kills + assists + repairs + blah blah (i.e. base it on score), or include none of those, only caps. Either is internally consistent IMO, but not “kills and caps”

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Kills reduce enemy tickets, also, if no enemy vehicle is on the field the game will drain tickets.

Both kills and captures reduce tickets. Assists, scouts, critical hits do not.

So what? They almost never actually cause the win to trigger.

Anything less than that = making the win more LIKELY. Which obviously assists, repairs, etc. etc. do as well.

Pick a lane. You keep flip flopping between likelihood increasing and literally winning.

So why would you include actions which are not game winning actions?

I don’t care either way, Like I said, I’m happy either way as long as it’s consistent. The two internally consistent options discussed so far being:

  • A) Only game winning actions. Which means… Caps. And that’s it.

  • B) Things that make winning more likely, which would be “everything you get score for at all”

If capping is included, all players could get 100% bonus. Because this can be easily cheesed. Perhaps that is why?

Only for airfields, not for bases. Bombing respawning bases is not really a play2win strategy.

You are factually incorrect with this statement.

Kills reduce tickets. Even if all cap zones are held by the enemy team you can still lose due to kills reducing tickets.

Your argument is fundamentally against the reality of the game.

Possibly but I’m sure safe guards are possible.

Technically now you could tell the other team to not shoot and you all spend the entire match de capping / capping. I’ve never had someone even suggest that not even in a 1v1 situation.

There was a time when you had newbie battles at high tiers. Some green guy with a premium plane and lots of bots. Negotiating a truce to farm was not uncommon. Win win for all involved. It is no more… ;-)

Reducing tickets is not winning a game. It makes winning more LIKELY later. it is not winning.

Assists also make winning more LIKELY later, but are also not winning.

you can still lose due to kills reducing tickets.

Functionally no, you already agreed that this virtually never happens.

At most, if you really want to be a stubborn tryhard and “win” the argument despite no actual real life importance to this detail, then yeah, go ahead and add a 99% weighting to Cap zones, and a 1% weighting to kills, and take the weighted average and use that to determine the bonus, lol. Fine, there you go.

A game is won based on ticket count.

If the game timer ends, the team with the higher tickets will give granted the win.

If a team’s tickets are reduced to zero then that team will lose, ending the game.

There are only two ingame actions which reduce tickets: Kills and Holding more captures than the enemy team

Your disagreement on this point isn’t an argument it’s a personal disagreement with the game’s mechanics. If you don’t believe kills should reduce tickets then I would recommend creating a thread and suggesting that this feature is removed.

At present this is how the game functions.

Solomon says:
If the tickets are majorly lost due to cap bleed, the award is given out by capping. If it is majorly lost by kills, it is given out as is now.
(not that it is ever going to be implemented…)

I disagree, the proportion is not what won the game.

I will agree, however, to a similar Solomon’s judgment that the LAST ticket lost being to a kill = bonuses go based on kills, or if the LAST ticket lost is a cap bleed = bonuses go based on caps.

No problem 4me either way. But I see what you are doing there.