Captured Vehicles & Copy paste Vehicles

Is it just me, or are tech trees becoming more similar every day? With the new update, the French get top-tier American aircraft, and with some previus update, the Italians received a mix of Soviet and German vehicles, and even one American. My point is, why research the original vehicle nation?

For example, the Chinese tech tree features a better T-34 with a machine gun, or the German premium KV-1 with a better gun. Look at China again: from Rank I-IV, 90% of the vehicles aren’t Chinese. Look at Israel: from Rank I-VI, 90% of their vehicles are not from Israel. Why should someone research a specific nation when they can go to China and have Shermans, T-34s, SPAAs, all while having better ammunition, modifications, and armaments for some of the same BR?

Why should a player research Germany for the Leopard 2A7 when they can research the Hungarian modification with a heavy machine gun? Why should someone research American aircraft when the French and Japanese have the highest BR aircraft, some of which were made in America?

What I don’t understand is why Germany has entire lineups of foreign vehicles, some of which are better than the originals. I don’t get it anymore.


That’s literally my 4.3 German line up. I have only 2 German vehicles in it. A 109 and SPAA. If I wanted to I could easily take them out

It’s easier to copy paste vehicles than to spend time and effort on creating new ones.


And gaijin is driven by the same thing every company is.

Because gaijin is no longer a small company with close ties to its fans. Its now a investment where its not a question of right or wrong instead. Will we make/loose money of this?

Copy paste is sadly a thing that a big part of the community isn’t against. Or most who are, just doesn’t have the effort/know to voice their opinions here.

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Yeah But you would Think they would fix to maximize Profit when most people don’t reach top tier

Sad part is that you can make a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of the game, but turns out the game is operated by the most people entirely void of ambition and passion that actually want to make a good game, and it’s not just ‘how do we make the most money’ but it’s a compromise of ’ how much money can we make by not doing anything at all? ’

As they could be making a lot more money today and tomorrow but that would require actual effort, so it stays as is.

Nope just look at events. Most unique vehicles are locked behind a hard grind-wall or if you find it too hard just pay up. I’m guessing events are a way to introduce more vehicle without having to loose profit at all since players that cant/don’t want to spend hours grinding just pay for content.

Unique TT vehicles are ultimately -profit for gaijin since they are free to unlock and cant force players to buy, thats why most unique modelled vehicles are premium/Event vehicles. And why copy-paste vehicles are being put in TTs.

Because gaijin mostly profits on premiums and Event stuff because this game has a free grind (in theory)

Thats what im saying the second they made it big. All sight on moral ground just went to Best way to profit without loosing basically anything?

Why hire full time model designers? they just take up money/recourse’s (not saying they don’t have any ofc.) But it cant be many with the amount of content we have.

Problem, some of them steal assets. (Take the loading screen for example)

Also another reason that the Object 292 market price is like now 90$ is because is a Event above the average vehicle that has a line and it can research top-tier and that makes vehicles as such more rare because the snail avoids doing this event to push people to by premiums

Models mostly get outsourced anyways.

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What I mean is that they don’t put in actual effort or actively try to improve. They simply squeeze as much as they can out of existing vehicles until they are forced to add new content. This approach changes only when it comes to modern vehicles, which are currently popular. Right now, modern content is taking the spotlight because it’s the most profitable. They are the “Tarkov” of this genre—without any real competitors, they get away with a lot of questionable crap.

One word describes War Thunder: Monopoly. It’s the only option for players seeking vehicle-only gameplay, and this situation is unlikely to change unless DCS and GHPC merge. As a result, Gaijin remains the only choice.

The rapid development of Enlisted happened because Gaijin realized it faced substantial competition. Players didn’t stick around when mistakes were made, as there were alternatives like Squad, Arma, and Hell Let Loose. This competition forced Gaijin to adapt quickly. However, War Thunder lacks such competition, allowing it to continue its current practices unchecked.

War Thunder’s current management practices are downright infuriating. With its monopoly in the vehicle-only gameplay niche, Gaijin has grown complacent and greedy. They maximize profits with minimal effort, often at the expense of player experience. Gaijin just keeps recycling content, squeezing every last bit out of existing vehicles before reluctantly adding something new. The result is a repetitive, stale game that sees little innovation or meaningful updates.

On top of that, the game includes many premium vehicles and quality-of-life features locked behind paywalls. While not always outright pay-to-win, these elements can still give paying players significant advantages, especially when premium vehicles are overpowered, creating an uneven playing field that frustrates those who want a fair, skill-based game.

Gaijin’s communication with its player base is abysmal. They ignore or inadequately address community feedback, leading to a growing sense of frustration and feeling undervalued among players. The game’s economy is another sore point. It’s punishing and grind-heavy, requiring an insane amount of time or money to progress. This discourages new players and frustrates those who aren’t willing to fork out cash.

The player rebellion regarding the game’s economy is a prime example of how badly Gaijin has handled things. Players were outraged by the punishing economic model, and instead of addressing the core issues, Gaijin’s response was slow and poorly managed. Their reputation took a significant hit, but they didn’t seem to learn from it. They still focus more on how much they can squeeze out of players without causing an uproar, rather than improving the game’s enjoyability.

When a strong competitor finally emerges, War Thunder is going to crash and burn. Players will jump ship to a new game that offers innovative gameplay, better engagement, and a fairer economic model. This exact scenario happened with World of Tanks. They lost a massive chunk of their player base due to similar flaws and the rise of better alternatives.

Gaijin can innovate and improve under pressure, as seen with Enlisted, which faced competition from Squad, Arma, and Hell Let Loose. Gaijin was forced to rapidly develop and improve Enlisted to keep players. But War Thunder hasn’t faced this kind of pressure yet, and it shows.

Honestly, I’m just done with War Thunder. I have little hope that they will improve on their own. If they keep going down this path without addressing core issues, it’s going to be a disaster once a new, compelling alternative emerges. Players will flock to a new game that offers regular updates, a balanced economy, and better community engagement. Developers who actively listen to and engage with their player base will build a more loyal and satisfied community.

Sorry for the rant…


One can definitely feel it.

I remember before ground forces, Anton would personally show up on reddit at times to talk with the players and explain decisions and concepts around that game.

Other than a CM showing up on reddit to apologize for the whole challenger fiasco, has any dev or dev liason engaged with the community these years like Anton did all those years ago?

Another thing I noticed is the original focus being on simulator experiences, with tutorial videos and encouragement to give sim battles a try, with MEC controls that inspired more in depth management of planes to come.

Whereas these days both air RB and g RB maps feel like they’re going away from trying to provide a realistic, immersive experience (lake Ladoga in prop BR being my most hated example, but there’s another map were you can see both airfields from a mere 2 km altitude at once. Air RB maps are impossibly tiny for even props.)

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If players are happy with copy paste then why not ? Less effort more profits

Do you know Chinese produced vehicles that could be added instead?