Captured Aircraft from WW2 and Alternative Skins

Remeber playing as Germany Aviation Tech Tree they captured several aircraft that were, European and US related as trophies. Now I was reading this article on the web and I found this.

Also it be crazy with see the German tech tree having a B-17 and Lancaster bomber they captured during the war, although the British and US has captured many of theirs including a He-111 and Ju-88 with ? mark.

As for the modern jet era like the Mig-21 Bison that was recently added to the GB tech tree can we have a RAF scheme to it as a What If we captured a Mig-21. This site was based from another Flight Simulator where the aircraft had different skins from different alternate timelines as in what if the RAF did but Soviet era jets.

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I would not mind these as ahistorical listed skins, could be fun

I mean, we have WT Live for a reason, right? Just ignoring that over half the content is anime-related.

The JA37C has the “Black Night” paint, which is non-historical to my knowledge.


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Wow, what an incredible collection of photos and info, thanks for sharing!

I’m amazed we still don’t have the Spitfire-with-109-engine, I’d love to see that in WT.

The OP is asking for these skins to be added officially into the game, presumably as ahistorical skins so you can toggle them off if you don’t want to look at them. WTLIVE is only for modded custom skins nobody else can see.

User Skins are not camos you can see.

Semi-Historical. For others. Do wish that toggle served more of a purpose though.

Cool website there.

I’ll have the American Yak-9U and the American Mig-15 thanks…