Caproni Ca 132

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Description: The Caproni Ca 132 was a 1930s Italian all-metal, low-wing, three-engine bomber. It was built in 1934 as a trasport /bomber/civil aircraft. The only prototype ever built, the MM. 328, was tested for some time and in 1936 the aircraft was abandoned in favour of the Ca133, which was defined better than the Ca 132. After that, the aircraft has no history; it was scrapped and nothing more was made. The Ca 132 was powered by a Piaggio Stella P. IX three-cylinder radial engine, which gave the aircraft a top speed of 314 km/h and each engine had a maximum trusth of 560 hp . It could reach a maximum altitude of 6,300 metres, with a climb rate of more than 25 minutes to reach its maximum altitude. It could carry a defensive armament of a total of 4x Breda Safat 7.7 and an offensive armament of 900 kg of bombs (on the wings and in the bomb bay of the fusualge).

Why it should be in the game: It can be a good addition as a reserve bomber or as an event/premium 1.0 aircrat.



Length: 18.60 m
Wingspan: 26.69m
Height: 4.15 m
Wing area: 100.90 m²
Empty weight: 7 000 kg
weight: 10 700 kg
Propulsion: 3 radial Piaggio Stella P.IX RC.40 engine Power 560 HP (412 kW) each
Max speed: 314 km/h
Cruising speed: 280km/h
Autonomy: 1 000 km
Tangency: 6 300 m



4x 7.7 mm Breda Safat
900 kg of bombs


Caproni Ca.132 - Wikipedia
Уголок неба ¦ Caproni Ca.132
Caproni Ca.132 - Wikipedia






+1 Italy needs new bombers

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That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I adore planes with that sleek metal 1930s aesthetic. +1 simply for how gorgeous it looks.

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+1 great bombers for italy

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