#CAPlife! What is your favourite combat air patrol plane?

Do you use planes in GRB as pure intereceptors or air supiriority fighters? If yes, what are your favourites?
Mine are the A6m5 ko and the A7m2. The A6m5 ko eats anyithing, sometime i wonder if this is why it wnet up in br. Hyperfocused castards, for brekfast. Cocky early jet, not a problem. Nukeplane, yum.
The only things I struggle with are soviet planes and spitfires. How do you deal with those in any plane?


I would like to but flying on the X box is crummy and I wouldn’t stand a chance.
Easier to use a PE8 or lawn dart an Me110 .

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any US gen3/4 is insanely strong when using a pure a2a loadout in my experience

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Its quite funny slapping people in a spitfire as an Air main in GRB


I think the poor flight mechanics for console are part of the reason for lousy Air Etiquette.
I was in the air cadets as kid and I can actually fly better in real life than I can in War Thunder due to the shocking controls on X Box. Cant turn the assistance off without losing the controls.
Try and modify it and the plane becomes a lousy platform for CAS.
So much easy fodder for good flyer, I am surprised CAS is such a problem in GRB.

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M&K is a lot easier for GRB I find, though I also play full control with HOTAS in ASB. So I kind of have both sides of the experience

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I don’t want to drag us off topic but I heard from many that a Joystick wasn’t the answer. As it is CAS is a very solid firing platform if nothing else, we just have to hope for the best regarding good flyers in fighters.
Again ,not wishing to go off topic but the surviving a game even in a badly damaged plane on console is or rather was an achievement, one the devs just screwed.

When I started with WarThunder, CAS was a problem for me. At some point I realised that I could actively do something about CAS. Use a SPAA or do CAP … Since then CAS doesn’t bother me any more. Even if I really like to mess up my opponent’s day in the air with aeroplanes, I still use SPAA from time to time.
Many people keep trying the classic turnfight in aerial combat. That’s why I prefer anything that turns well and is manoeuvrable.
With the Chinese, I prefer to use the premium Zero, even if the ammunition is sometimes limited.
You don’t have to be a flying ace to be able to outmanoeuvre your opponent in GRB. Not even trying opens the door to the enemy, so go for it.
By the way … I only attack ground targets when there is really nothing more to do in the air.


I am always rambling on about GRB TO as you probably know but this thread is a reason why I say leave CAS and the whole dogfight scenario alone because its a whole ecosystem in its self and should not be nerfed to death.

Dogfighting over the land battle of GRB is great as is CAS vs Fighters sometimes.
Maybe when good ARB flyers realise the potential for kills in GRB CAS will be less of an issue.

I think this is a good reason for a separate GRB game for land only. Leave the air side alone as its good and fun.


Yeah, I agree, cas has a place in ground battles. But being in a tank with no way of fighting back and relying on others if they feel like to cap or spaa is not always the best feeling. And there is times when cas is uncontested, becouse spaa and interreceptors usualy spawn after they died to cas in a tank.

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OT - Question regarding controls on console

Isn’t it possible to put a mouse on the Xbox?

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I believe so yes, Mouse and Keyboard will fit Xbox and many do that apparently.

I might look into it as the controller sensitivity has cost me in land games many times as well.

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AMX with 6 GBUs and 2 9Ls

JA-37C with radar missiles loaded. Smoking A-10s and SU-25s with skyflashes is a therapeutic experience.

Yak 9P is where it is at. Generates energy from “somewhere” and with great agility. The 20s are also able to deal with tanks when needed.

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F-14A Early, at 11.7

2x AIM-9H, 2x AIM-7F, 2x AIM-54A, 2x 2000lb Mk84 AIR regarded bombs

TWS search mode allows for easy spotting of enemy CAS.

AIM-54 is surprisingly effective against CAS that fly too high or in a straight line, they pay little attention to their surroundings or RWR.

AIM-7F for dealing with fighters head-on, and AIM-9H works well enough for rear-aspect shots.

2x 2000lb drag bombs for supporting my squadmates on the ground (I play with friends). Doing high speed passes while hugging the ground is the most effective way to not get Pantsir’ed, in my experience. I can’t really spot enemies myself this way, but with callouts/squad marker I have had some success.

Of course depends on nation and lineup, but def any thunderbolt, typhoon, fw190-d13.

Basically any fighter that has some A2G option you can dump on enemy tanks and thus help the team on ground before engaging air targets.

Imho it depends on your defintion of “good” pilots. You can barely motivate good Air RB pilots to fly in Ground RB.

I explained this here, you might remember it:

Idea to solve CAS problem in RB - #4 by Uncle_J_Wick

In addition:

Imho the pilot skill level of dedicated tankers is way too low (what makes sense as they want to play tanks) to create any kind of challenge for a dedicated pilot active in Air RB to farm tankers in planes…besides the fact that kill driven pilots find more than enough clueless targets in Air RB…


Well its more the definition of good pilots by GRB standards I imagine.
Many as you may be aware just cap a zone and fly from there but I understand what you mean .I presume from the OP that many do fly as dedicated flyers.

Not wishing to go OT, when it comes to the reasons for not needing a GRB TO mode it just rely on wishful thinking every department.

Gaijin sorting out the basic flying physics for console would help as a start. We cant even pull a loop.


Any plane that doesn’t use R-73 and uses 9M/AAM-3. Because invisible missiles in GRB are literally free kills, and the İRCCM is basically gid tier against last second flaring, unlike the R-73.