CANT Z.516, the CANT Z.1007 but for the sea

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CANT Z.516


In 1940 the Italian Ministry dedicated to aeronautical affairs issued a specification for the supply of a new hydroplane to be used in the role of maritime bomber to replace the old CANT Z.506. The CRDA CANT, the same as the CANT Z.506 and CANT Z.1007 bombers, through the engineer Zappata Filippo and at its construction was registered with the number M.M.23289, or the 12th of the IV production series. It made its first flight on August 3, 1940 with pilot Stoppani Mario (famous Italian aviator and test pilot of the time) and was found to be valid. In 1941 it was sent to the Experimental Center for seaplanes and naval armament but the competition for which it was created never came to an end and therefore the vehicle was sent back to the manufacturer and was reconverted as a land bomber.


The CANT Z.516 was fitted with three three-bladed P.XI RC.40 engines which were capable of delivering a power of 1,000 HP (735 kW) which allowed the vehicle to reach a maximum speed of no less than 415 km/h for a range of 1,500 km and a ceiling equal to 8,200 m of altitude.


The hydro-bomber was armed with two 12.7 mm Scotti machine guns positioned in the rotating dorsal turret and two 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT lateral ones. The bomb load was considerably reduced compared to the aircraft from which it was derived, i.e. the CANT Z.1007, but it still amounted to 800 kg of bombs.

General characteristics

Crew: 2+4
Length: 18.38 m (60 ft 4 in)
Wingspan: 24.8 m (81 ft 4 in)
Height: 9.6 m (31 ft 6 in)
Wing area: 75 m2 (810 sq ft)
Empty weight: 9,800 kg (21,605 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 13,600 kg (29,983 lb)
Powerplant: 3 Γ— Piaggio P.XI R.C.40 liquid cooled inverted V-12, 750 kW (1,000 hp) each
Propellers: 3-bladed
Maximum speed: 415 km/h (258 mph, 224 kn)
Cruise speed: 365 km/h (227 mph, 197 kn)
Range: 1,500 km (930 mi, 810 nmi)
Service ceiling: 8,200 m (26,900 ft)
Armament: 2 Γ— 12.7 mm (0.5 in) machine gun in rotating dorsal turret; 2 Γ— 7.7 mm (0.303 in) hand controlled machine guns
Bombs: 800 kg





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+1, id love a float plane blomber for the Italian tech tree!

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Not against eventually seeing this one, but would advocate for the z.506 first. z.506 was a production aircraft with over 300 examples that saw frontline service, and is probably the most-produced and iconic Italian WW2 aircraft not already in the game.

Either one would be nice to fill a niche gameplay-wise as a floatplane/bomber to support Italian naval forces.


More floatplanes please, especially heavy ones like this! +1

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+1. It would be excellent, especially in naval battles, to capture points.

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A lot of thanks to @Il_Signor_Regio and @Patton98 (from Discord) for finding another one photos of the planes!

This needs to happen. Floatplanes are huge in Naval.

+1 i would love to play this beauty