Cant spawn in after dying twice (I have 1k spawn points)

Once i die in 2 vehicles, I can’t spawn in anymore and the bottom left side of the screen is stuck on “loading” I tried switching vehicles, even returning to hangar, but I cant even return to hangar. The only things i can do is: Switch sells, Tanks, and change gun sight distance and aerobatic smoke…

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Also i forgot to mention, after the game ends i get a black screen.

Looks like a bug possibly, do you play on steam?


I have had the issue on X box where I have got a kill in every vehicle but not got a life after 2 and been made to leave the game.

Maybe my lineup is too SP heavy sometimes.Not sure. It didn’t used to happen. Any kill was good for a respawn

Have your tried Verifying on steam?

If you do not know how:
Step 1: Close the game (if you have the game running this can cause issues)
Step 2: Once the game is closed, right click on War Thunder on steam
Step 3: Click on Properties and a window that looks like this should open.
Step 4: Click on Installed Files
Step 5: Click on Verify integrity of game files (This can take sometimes a long time, depending on how large the game files are.)

This will allow steam to look through your files to verify that they are all there and installed correctly and it can sometimes help find files that are missing or causing issues.

After doing this if the issue still happens I would point you to making a bug report on the Community Bug Reporting website: // Issues
As what you are experiencing is limiting and impacting your gameplay and it could be a bug that they know the fix to, might be something they need to notify the devs to look into or when searching on there.
Also when creating a bug report it might ask for particular files, where to find these files is explained on this wiki page Knowledge Base - War Thunder Wiki

Hope that just the steam verify fixes the issue.

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I just tried it, and it said 3 files were missing and would be replaced, hopefully this fixes the issue. Thanks!

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Did this fix work?

If you’re also having this happen, and you’ve done what’s been advised, clear the cache folder in your game folder as well.