Can't see my bullets

I started playing a few weeks ago and i play mostly planes. I noticed that not all my bullets are visible. When i shot i see that flame is coming out of my rifles but sometimes the bullets fly and sometimes they don’t. They exist because i hit opponents but i just don’t see bullets. I can’t see all opponent’s bullets as well. What could be the reason for this?

In some belts, there can be more or less Tracer rounds; notably Stealth belts have absolutely no tracers at all. If you look at the ammo belt you have equipped it’ll detail what rounds are in the belt and the order they’re fired in.

it happens also when i shot tank machine gun

Yup. Not every bullet has a tracer.

If you select stealth belts for aircraft the entire belt will be tracer-free.

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That’s how tracer rounds work

Source: What is a Tracer Round? - KIR Ammo.

Tank guns also have something like this? I don’t see all bullets in ground battles as well

Do basic belts have tracer-free bullets? I use only them

Generally yes, except for italian machine guns

You do not see bullets you see tracers.
This is a tracer round. A bullet is just a piece of metal. Not every weapon has a Tracer as a standard round in your belt types. So any time you see in TV shows, movies etc this is what you are seeing, you aren’t seeing the bullets as those come first, tracer comes second. Meaning by the time you see the tracer the bullet is gone.

As the others said. For most belts, tanks and planes, only 1/4th of your rounds will be a tracer. Most rounds will not be visible. Some planes get tracer belts which means that all rounds are tracers and thus all can be seen.