Can't see artillery strike call with map

When I select f5 to call artillery strike I don’t get the map interface and only get the game interface red ring. How can I reset? Had a page booked marked but no longer showing in this new interface.

This has happened to me a few times. If you press F5 twice in game the Mini Map will come up instead of the Red ring? If you do at this point, with the mini map selected, you need to go into the Control panel, Common, Artillery Strike On Tactical Map, and then remove the assigned button from Toggle Artillery Aiming Modes. This should mean the mini map only comes up with F5.

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I believe that the middle mouse is the standard for switching between the two modes.

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Thanks guys. I was trying for weeks to figure out what was going on with my artillery map. Dang middle mouse button.

And i thought they just changed it in an update… Been using the stupid ring for months…