Can't que into a match

I haven’t been able to get a GRB game for the past three days. I keep getting this error:

I’d check your network control panel for that public/private location switch and check you haven’t ended up on it being ‘public’ and thus making the firewall settings for the app control not work for wt.exe only allowing usage on private networks rather than both.

A blunt ‘reinstall’ is rather ignorant.

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Although it might be the correct advice.
If OP has firewalled himself, he wouldn’t be able to login at all.

What region are you in and which game server do you have selected/tried? CS, EU, US, or All?

But jumping straight to the conclusion without even checking anything is absolutely not wasting time and bandwidth unnecessarily… /s

Like, seriously.

Maybe “rude” is what you were looking for?

No, actually.

Wish you luck diagnosing the issue, I’m sure you’d have answered the question without it being me answering.

Yeah FlyingDoctor was correct. All I had to do was check the game files and it fixed itself for now.



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