Can't play any battle

I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t play any battle right now. I’m trying to play Air RB at tier IV-V and at first game returned to hangar in the middle of the battle. I started another, it ran for 2 minutes and then returned to hangar without any warning or anything. I tried to start another battle, it returned to hangar after displaying the map. But it shows me that those battles ended either with “victory” or “defeat”, so it seems others were able to play them.

I’ve heard they banned chat, probably because of some stupid messages. I think I used chat only once today, writing “lol” when guy crashed into me in a funny way. So there’s no way that it might be some punishment.

Am I the only one experiencing this right now?

The chat is disabled currently, unrelated to your issue.

With what you’re describing, I’d be checking your connection is actually stable. (Wifi is a common bad thing with this game, so much so it does this at times)

From there I’d actually check your EAC is working fine. Try an arcade match on the same server set to see if you can get in there.

You should already have done a ‘Verify the game files’ and if you haven’t already, I’d do that before doing the steps I said to you about.

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