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The CANT 25 is an Italian shipborne floatplane fighter developed in the 1920s and operated by the Regia Aeronautica from 1931 to 1937. Two major variants were produced, the CANT 25M and the CANT 25AR.

Historical Background

During WW1 the Regia Marina operated a larrge number of seaplanes in multiple roles, including reconnaissance, antisubmarine patrols and as fighter aircraft; generally these planes operated from coastal bases or lakes, although a few ships were operated as seaplane tenders. After the war the navy started to look into catapult-launched seaplanes. Between 1924 and 1927 the merchant ship Citta de Messina was refitted into a seaplane carrier with two catapults and recommissioned as the Giuseppe Miraglia . While having little tactical value, the ship provided an useful platform for the development of both catapults and catapult-launched seaplanes. Initially, aircraft carried on the Giuseppe Miraglia were the Macchi M.5 and M.7 single engined flying boats.

In 1925 the Trento -class heavy cruisers were laid down. Having their displacement severely limited by the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, the designers came up with an arrangement with a fixed catapult on the bow and a hangar under the forecastle and forward of the A turret. A lift raised the planes from the hangar to the deck, where they were manhandled onto the catapult. Two aircraft could be carried internally, with a third one on the catapult. This arrangement was kept on the Zara -class; the 1st series Condottieri -class kept the bow catapult but moved the hangar to the superstructure. In 1925-26 the Conte di Cavour and Andrea Doria-class battleships were also refitted with a fixed bow catapult. Later cruisers used a more conventional catapult mounted aft of the forward superstructure.

Initially these cruisers operated the Macchi M.18AR, a three-seat bomber. The Piaggio P.6ter followed in 1928. In 1930 and 1931 the Macchi M.71 and CANT 25M were introduced to the role and saw limited production; both of these were single seat, biplane flying boat fighters armed with two 7.7mm machine guns. These would be replaced by the IMAM Ro.43 starting from 1935.

The CANT 25

Developed from the CANT 18 floatplane trainer, the CANT 25 made its first flight in 1927. Five prototypes were produced. In 1931 fourteen CANT 25M were ordered by the Regia Aeronautica, deploying aboard the 1st series Condottieri -class cruisers. This variant featured detachable wings and a 410 hp Fiat A-20 engine. In 1933 an improved variant designated as CANT 25AR was developed, of which 18 were ordered. These aircraft featured new folding wings, an strengthened internal structure and a 440 hp A-20 engine.

The Aircraft saw service during the Ethiopian campaign in 1936 onboard the Taranto and Zara-class cruisers, and the Giuseppe Miraglia seaplane carrier. These aircraft later formed the 141st Squadron of the Regia Aeronautica based on Zula, Eritrea.

The aircraft remained in frontline service until 1937 when it was replaced by the Ro.43. Afterwards it was relegated to training duties in Vigna di Valle Airbase for the 88th Autonomous Fighter Group, where it flew until 1943. A total of 37 units were produced.

Technical characteristics

The CANT 25’s hull features a wooden construction, with an internal frame covered in 3 layers of plywood insulated with impregnated canvas on the bottom, and of a single layer on the sides. The cockpit is situated on the hull forward of the wings and engine. On the 25M the wings are in a sesquiplane configuration (meaning, the lower wing is visibly smaller than the top), with a significant dihedral on the lower set and a cut on the upper set for the propeller; they are removable. On the 25AR the wings are closer in size, and gain the ability to fold into the aircraft. The engine on both variants is situated between the wing, powering a two blade propeller in a pusher configuration. Two fixed 7.7mm Vickers machine guns are carried. Engine power is 410 hp on the 25M and 440 hp on the 25AR, giving the later a top speed of 245 Km/h.



Modification CANT 25M
Wingspan, m 12.0 , 7.6 (lower wing)
Aircraft length, m 8. 75
Aircraft height, m 3.06
Wing area, m2 31.09
empty weight, Kg 1276
maximum takeoff weight, Kg 1706
Engine 1 PD Fiat A.20
Power, h.p. 1 x 410
Maximum speed, km / h 225 @ 4000 m
Stall speed, km / h 88
Practical range, km 900
Practical ceiling, m 5500
Crew, people 1
Armament: two 7.7 mm Vickers machine guns

***** Data from: (archived)

Modification CANT 25AR
Wingspan, m 10.4
Aircraft length, m 8. 75
Aircraft height, m 3.12
Wing area, m2 30.90
empty weight, Kg 1276
maximum takeoff weight, Kg 1706
Engine 1 PD Fiat A.20
Power, h.p. 1 x 440
Maximum speed, km / h 245
Climb rate 26 min 30 sec to 5,000 m
Practical range, km 900
Crew, people 1
Armament: two 7.7 mm Vickers machine guns

***** Data from CANT 25 - Wikipedia




















Assembly drawings


Sources (Archived) (Archived)

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How should it be added? Due to its limited performance this aircraft can hardly be implemented as anything other than a ship reconaissance seaplane. Still, an standalone aircraft would be an interesting addition for collectors and relatively easy to implement if a model were to be made for naval battles.

As for the ships that could operate it, the aircraft should be compatible with all Italian catapults. However, most Italian cruisers ingame are modeled with 1940s refits where the IMAM Ro.43 is the period-accurate seaplane. The Bartolomeo Colleoni (1932) is the only catapult-equipped ship ingame modeled for the 1931-1937 period where the CANT 25 was in frontline service. Future additions like the Taranto and earlier versions of the cruiser classes ingame are other possible carriers.


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