Cannons doing too much damge

There was the F-15 that landed with one wing and I think that was in large part due to it’s lifting body and it’s thrust to weight ratio.

I also think there have been some planes that have made it back with severe wing damage but not to the extent that 3/4 of the lifting surface is just removed.

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Bez nazwy

F18 apparently can take off from carrier with wings folded as well but there are no photos (I’ve heard pilot saying it has happened)

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None of these planes have both of their wings almost entirely sheared off.

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I was going to respond to this in a genuine manner and a condensed version of what I originally said (even though you can’t even see this post) but why bother. If not being able to read a quarter of what I said (grant you I said a lot), realize I was doing a stream-of-consciousness post responding as your own post progressed, and then come across this line:

Which does grasp your point as you have clarified in posts (after I made mine). Then who am I to fault you for shutting down the conversation in it’s entirety.

So I’m instead I’m going to be bitter! I’m going to be exactly as bad faith as you seem to think I am since you can’t see this anyways.

Because regardless of what you claim, you are not as benevolent and interested in balance as you claim to be.

The reason I had initial confusion in that first paragraph is because, regardless of your claims that you want the Mg 151 nerfed as well, the one thing you have made very clear is that the Mg 151 should always be at the top of this hierarchy, no matter how busted or pathetic cannons become. Which, given that of your top ten most flown vehicles 5 are Germany, is a little eyebrow raising. Except that’s not the full picture. One because of your top ten most flown vehicles, 6 have the 20mm Mg 151 (7 if you include the Do 335 A-0’s equipable 20mm) and two because despite that, you don’t actually main Germany. You main the Ta 151 H, and the Fw 190 F-8. You main them so hard that after the total battles drops like a stone from 796 battles (as of writing) in the F-8 down to 301 in the G.55 sottoserie 0, it takes the combined total of the next 11 most flown out aircraft to… still be 3 battles short (as of writing).

Of the ones that do not have and cannot gain an Mg 151, you have in descending order of most flown: the XP-50 (great start), the C.205 serie 1 a strong if not overwhelming plane, the P-51H the single strongest prop in the game bar none, the Do 335 A-1 which has a lower BR to the A-0 though it cannot get the 20mm Mg 151, and the Yak-2 KABB a low tier club machine with an airstart, good engine performance, and 2x ShVAK cannons at 2.3

Your variety is truly astonishing.

Maybe the reason your precious KPB went down is because for more than half a year you’ve been playing in a game where everyone has been using water pistols and you were the only one who actually had a gun.


I am not defending GJ’s modelling in this regard - just showing some examples of planes that, according to some, should never be able to fly

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me and a few others have come to the same conclusion, without even looking at his stats.


I think we should be aiming at a fun compromise.
There’s something extremely satisfying with realistic impact of shells, with a series of explosions followed by fire/wing falling off.
These are my favourite kills, where I see multiple impacts before coup de grace.

Now, I did some maths. And even with nerfs to power and with added resilience to aircraft tails, I’m proposing Shvak would still have better time to kill than MG151/20 right now. Which means even with Shvak nerfed to 66% of current MG151/20 level and tails being 50% tougher it would still be superior.
I see no reason to make MG151/20 even harder hitting because then what? Everyone dies to a single shot? How ridiculous would that be? And how unsatisfying to just spam and score kill after kill.

I’d rather see.different traits to different guns. MG151/20 ROF brought back to historical 750. Incendiary and SAPI shells fixes so they work like they should (armor piercing and fragmentation).
Because if HE worked like it does in game, no one would ever bother with M-geschoss, just take that FI-T, remove the incendiary, increase explosive content to 5g and here we go - 720m/s, good ballistics due to weight and tracer, better impact on engines and big bombers and same damage.

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We can agree to differ here - I prefer realism :)

You set the conditions that “forced” you to rearm and refuel during the course of the game.

Trying to shoot player that is circling their base AA for an advantage is not Airfield Camping in the context of Air RB.

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The lethality of AA and it’s proximity to the battle area is what makes it so exploitable.

Why use the performance of your plane to change the potential outcome of a situation when you can just dive for 30 seconds and be invulnerable for the rest of the match? I can just climb over my defense and only engage people when I have overwhelming energy and positional advantage because they went to do “PVE activities”. Hence why I also have 90 percent win rate in the FOCKE-WULF DORA NINE.

@FeetPics @AlvisWisla

Might be better to have this convo in Airfield AAA Discussion Thread - Air Realistic Battles

As one of Jet mains, NR-23/N-37D and some other cannons in jet tier still need to get buffed because their damage is still inconsistent even Realshatter was “fixed”.

NR-23 was on the list of cannons that were buffed. Also has the N-37D been moved to real shatter system.

I know but still need buffs.
It is less consistent than the MiG guns before RealShatter was implemented for them.

Have you tried different ammo belts? Could be that a different belt is now more consistant/better sicne Realshatter

Not atm.
AP is better than FI-T now?

Seems like that cannon explosive rounds were severly nerfed.

I took out the I-225 and got some hits on planes that didn’t instantly disintegrate them to my surpise.
At first I thought I was only hitting them with AP.

From test-drive I can confirm that IL-2s can take several 20mm hits without instantly losing a wing or tail.

MG 151/20 Mineshells are now dealing the most damage to structure in protection analaysis, while the FI-T (and Mineshell) still use non-realShatter fragmentation model, dealing damage over very wide area compared to 20mm rounds with realShatter.

Maybe the structure of planes was also buffed because IL-2 23mm API doesn’t instantly turn a spar black with a single hit. Before you could shoot off the tail of a plane with just 23mm AP in some instances.


Being investigated, likely a bug

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Likely intended.


It is a bug and should be fixed soon.