Cannon barrel collision

Not so sure about that

Smallket trees, like thin birches and simlar trees will of course be knocked over to a certain extent, but thicker trees, of course depending on what tank and it mechanism, would either bend, or as you say, it would stop and eventual slur. bigger trees, like 30-100cm will of course not be knocked down hehe

Headons with both thanks, objects and terrain will damage the weapon yes hehe

Actually, a “gun,” (in the context of cannons, not small arms) according to, is “1. A cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity. 2. A cannon with tube length 30 calibers or more.”

The length of 30 calibers for a gun barrel is not equivalent to 30mm, which would be the diameter of the projectile. So, you could have a gun chambered in 20mm, and as long as it has a total length of 30 calibers, it would still count as a gun. (Though the barrel would be some 50 feet long.) Compare that to the definitions for mortar and howitzer, both of which based their definitions mainly on their ballistics and their barrel length.

Anyhow, if you want to get technical, there it is. XD I think just saying “cannon” or “barrel” is pretty straightforward for just about anyone, though, especially if they already know the proper technical terminology.


I would love for this to be in RB.

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I feel people could get used to it fairly quickly. Still would be good to try out first for example in an April’s fool event.

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Or in a devblog maybe🤔

this would be perfect at least it doesn’t break the game engine and it would be a convenient way to remove obstacles

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I am not sure if everyone would like it, but I would love to see the barrel actually matter as a solid object. There is one vehicle modeled with it (the Lorraine 155mm), but it was an event vehicle and it’s a rarity among players.

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i think a barrel mounted on a cannon breach is a cannon barrel. and btw nobody likes people who are like actually its this like yeah its wrong but it works.

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Might be other words for it, but at least everybody know what a Cannon barrel is ;)

krauss maffei among others is naming it cannon/cannon barrel

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