Canadian Sub-tree for USA

Canada should be in the game with them using mostly modified American vehicles and some European vehicles. This could help America have more variety in the GRB side of the tech tree.

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One only their later stuff is American and that only their air
Two Canada should never be in the US tree
Three Canada should be independent tree with Australia or in the British tree


The vehicles from Canada should be split between which nations need something, britain doesnt need anything from them except wheeled vehicles but britain has a ton from south africa so maybe for germany idk


Nations have their stuff split between Nations is the last thing i would want as thats terrible


No. They mostly don’t use American vehicles. More are domestic or are of European Descent.

They were only using mostly American stuff when all nations of the allies were using mostly American stuff. it uses more domestic and European stuff. Heck, the Shermans Canada use was a gift from the UK. (for the ones we didn’t build ourselves.)

The largest US stuff Canada uses is aircraft and most of them were built by Canada.

  1. A) The US has no need for a sub-tree.
    B) Canada only makes sense as a UK sub-tree
    But neither is possible as both are full. So some sort of independent tree is the only option.

Sincerely a Canadian


Agreed, bring us the Avro Arrow.

They do use American vehicles like the lav6, strykers variants and lavs.

Its the other way around LAV III isnt a strker variant

The striker is a LAV III variant

The LAV III is all Canadian

It like going the GR3 is American as its a variant of the AV8A


“More variety” is something America already has. A Canada tech tree would make more sense to give to Britain than their dumb South Africa tree, as it was a colonial state of Britain.

And? China uses Russian equipment, but it’s not in the Russian tree. Besides, America already has its 6 tech lines.

No there not they take designs from America as well as buying American vehicles, the lav 6 and III are Stryker variants they modified. We also already have Canadian tanks in our tree as premiums.

yes but only for some vehichles not all

The LAV famliy is Canadian. All are built in Ontario even the ones the US uses.

You want to use the Stryker well the Strykers is a LAV-III
In service:
LAV-III: 1999
Stryker: 2002

Heck the US didn’t even use the LAV-I also known as AVGP.

They only started using them with the LAV-II or LAV-25 known in the US.

The LAV is a Canadian family of military vehicles. Only US propaganda says other wise.


i never said all where American. if i did my b

Neither the LAV-6.0 or LAV-III are based on the Stryker. As I said in my other point the LAV-III is older then the Stryker.

The LAV-III is based on the LAV-II and the LAV-6.0 is a major upgrade for the LAV-III.

A basic Wikipedia search would show you how wrong you are.

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even then we already have them in game in the us tree

The US has a reskined Sturt and one Ram II two vehicles.

Germany has the C2 Mexas

The UK has:
QF 2.7 Ram
HMCS Haida
HMCS Brantford
HMCS Terra Nova

Plus I could get into stuff built by Canada:

Germany has the CL-13 Mk 5 and 6
Italy has the CL-13 Mk 4
China has the Mosquito FB.Mk.26

As a Canadian, I’d love to see the Avro Arrow.
That being said, it would sadly be absolutely terrible in the game. Seeing the time it was build along with its speed, it would probably be around the 9-10 BR range, and without any guns or chaffs, and only equipped with AIM-4 Falcons and AIM-7 Sparrow IIs, it wouldn’t be a very good aircraft ingame.
I hate dogging on the Avro Arrow, as it is my favorite aircraft, and I’m not say its bad at all, its just not made for the kind of fighting you see in War Thunder

Every nation has vehicles from America, its pretty dumb and the fact the us has been neglected from having the lav 25mm, Stryker 30mm, Stryker with atgms, Humvee with tow missiles, Bradley SPAA, Bradley fast response, and much more from being in game. That’s only grb there’s more still needed.

Could be worse.

I want the CP-107 more right now(it’s just funny) than any Arrow(both are possible) on my Air tree project it’s 9.0(MK 1) and 9.3(MK 2).

Funny plane.