Canadian Sub-tree for USA

That is indeed a funny plane. I like it!

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that’s one, America has no real light tanks, 2 Bradleys’ 2 being to far up in br, the Stryker is good i will say that but then what??? the hstvl which is mediocre

It already is like that, US has 2 canadian tanks, britain has 2 candian tanks and germany has 1

Lots of nations are missing stuff. the UK only got one of it Domstic light it’s been asking for.

It’s been a long time since I said this: “Don’t like other nations having your stuff don’t export them”

Everyone has Shermans because the Allied high command decided all (western) allies wold use the Sherman.

i can agree, i dont only play america and england is also neglected.

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Indeed I have found plenty of lesser-known planes for Canada in my Canadian Air Tree project that I kinda want more the CF-100 and CF-105.

What dose that have to do with the Arrow or my funny ASW plane?

Someone brought up England

My comment was on someone going on about the Avrow Arrow and how bad it would be in WT. So I brought up a funny plane that would be worse. An ASW passenger plane at 8.7.

My UK comment came after due to the missing thing for the USA complaint.

back to the subject regardless its still stupid seeing other nations like Germany and Russia grow so fast while where still missing vehicles that wont even have that big of an impact. Im not Canadian, i just have a passion for light tanks and to see LAVs, and Stryker’s being left out while china, Russia, and Germany can just get theirs is annoying.

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Canada its self would be sick, its just gaijin being gaijin would implement it weird or even leave out some vehicles for some bs reason.

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Indeed. I’d main Canada so fast. but I’m sure it would be missing what would make a Canadian TT unique would be missing for so long, in Gaijin fashion.

ADATS (M113)
QF 3.7 Ram
not to mention the M4A5 Ram shoudn’t really be in the US Tree being Canadian, Unique and with a british gun and being developed independently
and not to mention the rest of the vehicles that should be in the UK tree but are not because reasons

There’s already a couple of Canadian vehicles in the US tree they’re just event or premiums.

US has plenty of home tech that could be added it’s up to Gaijin to not be lazy. The funniest thing is still the M8 being a Chinese reserve but it’s still limited as a US event vehicle despite probably being the most produced armored car of the war.

I do agree with this statement to an extent because its kind of stupid that because Canada was a former colony of Britain it gets stuff like the ADATS M113 which is clearly an American based system to the platform its on and the ADATS turret its self. Also to add on Canada uses our aircraft and IFV’s LAV’s etc but the Canadian tanks from other trees shouldn’t go to America unless they are a American based or developed vehicle.

Unfortunately not many agree with this sentiment and I doubt Gaijin will do this either.

If Canada is added, it will be a sub tree for the UK. This is because Canada is part of the Commonwealth.

I dont know if they would have enough for a good independent tech tree. But as long as it could be done without it ending up as another Israel-style tree, I would support an independent one.

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i agree they should be in the game but as a British sub-tree, most of their equipment historically was British and nowadays they still use a lot of British and german equipment. the American tree has a bit of everything but Canada would offer more vehicle diversity to Britain.

I think Canada is, in a sense, like Korea to Japan.

I do not say this because politics. I say this because, regardless of where Canada goes, someone is going to be upset, much like giving Korea to Japan. Give Canada to the Brits? The US and Germany are going to be mad because the Brits get a lot of their tech. Give it to the Germans? The US and Brits will be mad because it is giving away their tech. And also because territorial claims or whatever. Give it to the US? The Germans and Brits will be mad because you are giving away their tech. And also because of territorial claims or whatever for GB. Overall there is no winning with Canada unless it is introduced in a similar notion to Israel. And even then, it will still be disliked. So. Yeah. No Winning.
In my opinion, the best case in adding it would be an Israel like tree. Worst case in adding it would be Split the tree. In all regards, it should NEVER go to a singular nation. Ever. But that is just my opinion.

Also, I promised someone that if Canada came as an independent tech tree I’d get them the premium. I still stand by that if you see this. I haven’t forgotten.

No. America doesn’t need a Canadian line. They have enough of their own native stuff.

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