Canadian Leopard C2

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Leopard C2


History of the C1 which is history the led up to the C2 can be found here:

In 2000 Canada converted 66 C1’s into C2’s marking the end and the retirement of the Leopard C1 in Canada with the rest of the tanks being sold off, put in museums or used as range targets (The number can be different from source to source as some state all C1’s were upgraded but others state only 66 with the rest being purchased at a later date). This also marked the beginning of the Leopard C2 tank’s service career. The Leopard C2 is the turret of the Leopard 1A5 on the Leopard 1A3 hull, this allowed Canada to upgrade many of their exist C1’s into the configuration of what would be known as the Leopard C2
Canada ended up purchasing/upgrading 114 C1’s into C2 over the service life of the C2 tank while Canada operated the tank.

These tanks are commonly seen with the MEXAS armour which can be found in game on the C2A1 (should actually be called Leopard C2 Mexas, Leopard C2 w/ Mexas or C2 Mexas as there are no official sources stating it should be called the C2A1) as when Canada sent the Leopard C2’s to Afghanistan they wanted to fit it with better protection to make the tank more survivable against RPG’s.

Canada planned to replace the Leopard C2’s with LAV III MGS’s as well as the MMEV which would able to multi-role and replace the ADATS. However these projects even after being funded and issuing contracts for companies to start research and development both were cancelled on February 6th 2006. The cancelation of these projects extended the service life of the Leopard C2’s all the way until 2015 when they were considered completely obsolete as many of these tanks were C1’s that were upgraded to C2’s. Leopard 2’s Replaced the C2 as Canada’s Main Battle Tank.

In 2007 the Canada started to replace the C2’s with Leopard 2’s however the C2’s were estimated to continue being in service until 2015 but on June 20th 2014 the DND did an environmental assessment of the disposal of the Leopard 1C2 MBT’s. The ways the tanks were to be created into Display Monuments, Placed in Museums, sold other other nations or organizations or demilitarizing them and disposing them as scrap.



  • 1x 105mm L7A3* (Some official sources state A3 while other official sources state A4) (1999: L7A3, 2006: L7A4, It’s possible that some of the C2’s got the L7A4 but I cannot find enough sources to confirm that)

    • Elevation: 20°
    • Depression: 9-2° (I don’t really get what is means by 0 to 3 o’clock position and then a Remainder)
    • Ammo Types: Armour-Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) & High explosive squash head (HESH)
    • Ammunition: 52-59 rounds* (Department of defense information conflict) (1999: 52, 2006: 59, I assume they just found more space to fit rounds in the tank since 1999)
  • 2x 7.62 C6 Machine Guns (1 Coaxial and one on the roof for anti air defense)

    • Ammunition: 4840-5000 rounds*
  • 8x 77mm smoke dischargers (2 clusters of 4 on either side of the front part of the turret)

Technical Specifications

  • Crew: 4
  • Power/Weight Ratio: 14.4 kW (19.5 HP) per 1000 kg
  • Maximum grade Ability: 60%
  • Maximum Side Slope: 30%
  • Vertical Obstacle: 1150 mm (without Mine plough/roller)
  • Ditch Crossing: 2500 mm
  • Maximum Speed Forward: 62 km/h (4 forward gears)
  • Maximum Speed Reverse: 24 km/h (2 reverse gears)
  • Creeping Speed: 4 km/h
  • Engine: MTU MB 838 CaM-500 (10 cylinder V 90 four stroke, multi-fuel engine with precombustion chamber and mechanical supercharger)


  • Add on armour (Chassis and Turret can be fitted separately)
  • Dozer Blade
  • Mine Plough
  • Mine Roller


National Defence: C-71-345-000/MA-001 DATA SUMMARY TURRET, LEOPARD C2 TANK (1999)
National Defence: C-30-731-000/MA-001 DATA SUMMARY TANK LEOPARD C2 MBT (2006)

DND ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: File: 2184-01267-02 VOL 0002 (DLEPS 6/DGLEPM – 2843)