Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree

thats why I included the link to the Canadian Library and archives which is the source of the image.

Which would of been days after the liberation of the Netherlands. The Liberation of the Netherlands - Historical Sheet - Second World War - History - Veterans Affairs Canada
Last paragraph in the “Canal by Canal, House by House” section


I think you got the order of these reversed. In what universe is the M1917 an improvement over an M8? The Greyhound has double the armor, double the penetration and more than 10x the top speed of a Renault FT clone.

@Thatz may I bring to your attention the Heller 81mm bazooka, designed and produced in Canada and in service 1954-1967.

Trying to figure out whether it would be more likely to be seen mounted on a jeep or truck, or even a Bobcat.


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I agree with you, the hardest part I found in making the tech tree is the placement and BR for each vehicle. I never really like attaching a BR to any of my suggestions if you look at any of the suggestions I’ve made this is the only one that has BR’s because that’s one of the requirements of a tech tree suggestion. So I’m sure I made a bunch of mistakes that don’t make much sense.


Wait until you do aviation and have to come up with BRs at jet tiers by comparing it to aircraft already in the game.
“This jet is a better version of that jet so it has to be a higher BR, but that jet was already laughably over tiered”.

Unfortunately, I already did that. And I am looking for photos and specs. So I can send in the suggestion.

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I just realized I forgot the Sherman V DD


yeah!and FB.Mk26 was large equip in China more than 200

no need, it is too many Vehicles already in the game. some unique vehicle in Canada from WW2,just RAM、Grizzly or some Wheels Vehicles, Canada more unique vehicles are beginning in Cold War or Modern like LAV or Leopard 2A4, Canada can be a sub tree in USA.

Your definitely not in the good place for saying that… And no

It’s like if you walk in a bar and insult everyone…


I don’t think you actually read the suggestion lol.


They don’t have to to spread their opinion, sadly.

I’d love to have the M113 Lynx reconnaissance vehicle in-game. It could be added to USA, Netherlands, and Canada.

Though the Canadians only armed theirs with a M2 .50 cal, I have a source stating that 3x M72 LAW were carried on-board.

Lynx LAW

I plan to write a suggestion about a new mechanic allowing the use of hand-held weapons from ground vehicles.

This would open the possibility to see more APCs and otherwise lightly armed vehicles to the game like the Lynx.

Is this something you’d like to see?

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Tbh no, I don’t want handheld weapons fired from troop carriers. My main issue is that amount of gun depression that could be done since a human can basically aim straight down over the sides.
I also feel like this game is about vehicles fighting vehicles. Handheld weapons, even if fired from a troop carrier, would be troops fighting vehicles.


That sounds interesting if the guy could fire it well still “inside” the vehicle sure.

@GTP_Paulie @StormRyder13

I was thinking something like this.

Well, he would never leave the vehicle, just peeking outside when ready to fire. I was thinking the guy would open the hatch and raise his chair/stand up when you pressed a keybind. The aiming would be similar to how you control a roof MG currently.

Ah, ok. While I can partly understand the concern, let me bring up my counter-point.

Firstly, it would still be a vehicle crew member. They would never leave the vehicle, only firing the weapon out from some open hatch. This is not too dissimilar from the roof MG gunners some vehicles have in-game.

For example John here.

Or Ivan


In my mind these aren’t too dis-similar to the example image I posted above. It’s only really a question of if we’re willing to go the extra step of modeling weaponry that isn’t physically attached to the vehicle.

There are also some highly demanded vehicles that depend upon this mechanic to enter the game, for example Komatsu LAV.


As for the gun depression thing, that’s a good point I didn’t consider. I guess it would depend on the vehicle, and how the hatch is located. One thing I should clarify is that the crew member would never move or lean over, only stay in place and turn around.

This is a bit off-topic though, I apologize. I think I will think this over, and maybe make a suggestion post at some later point. People can vote then, and we will see how it goes.


It COULD work in some way, it’d have to be done right though to avoid an issues. Good luck with your suggestion.