Can you please change iberian castle?

east spawn of south team just aint any much fun, if you literally give the enemy a spot to shoot from cover over the spawn. come on gaijin. dont tell me no one of development noticed this.

You know that they have to traverse through very large open areas before they get there ?
If your team is unable to stop them doing such an suicidal act, you deserve to be farmed.


weak excuse to allow an enemy such a vantage point. the single cap point is A in the center of the city, not everyone of the team is concentrating on keeping enemies off that vantage point. pretty sure not everyone is aware of it, either.

not exactly sure what you are trying to say with this “my team is at fault for allowing players to abuse a spawn camping vantage point that gaijin implemented”

its also pretty much limited to conquest #2 because of the single cap point. normally, half the team rushes for point C at the farm, so the enemy cant get to this vantage point.

One person there can easily push off multiple flankers, considering you’ll be there first and they must traverse large open areas to get there. This is what happens when teams leave 90% of the map open and someone exploits that.
In fact, your team can use the same route to get close to their spawn as well, or flank them behind A.

They had to drive across the whole map on wide open areas to get there. Looks like they took a big risk and got a big reward.

Mimic that behavior for this mode as well. Not only a single person can overlook large areas of the map, he can also counter the flankers and then flank himself afterwards.
No one going there to get a few free kills in early game is quite astonishing to me.

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