Can you guys move m26 back to 6.3? Compare with T26e5, T34, T26e1, It has no advantages!

Which is a heavy tank…

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It’s also basically a carbon copy of the Pershing, except with actually effective armor. Doesn’t really pay for that advantage either, it’s heavier, and thus should be slower, but seems to have a better transmission that more or less evens it out.

So, the question is, with both of them at the same BR, why would you ever choose the Pershing with inconsistent armor, over the Pershing with APHE resistant armor? The spawn cost? Artillery?

It’s a Tiger II P/H situation. With both at the same BR, there’s no reason to use the objectively inferior variant except as a backup.


I had a very good time playing with them both, with both of them being my highest K/D tanks yet, with 12 and 14 respectively.


And here I was, feeling good about my 2.7 with the Jagdtiger… 😅

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It would have been better if they had an actually usable stock shell instead of that horrible solidshot.

Also most of my deaths were to either skycancer or howitzers.


I’ll have to watch some of your replays when I return from my trip, because I clearly have some work to do.

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I don’t think you can find those matches on the server replay finder, bt by all means, go ahead.

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I didn’t have those in mind specifically, I’m just always on the lookout for great players I can learn from.

If I look at vehicles I started playing more recently, so without the “carryover” of worse stats from my beginning period in the game, even the best tend to hover around 55% win rate and something like 3 K/D or shortly below that. Self improvement is the personal challenge that keeps me constantly playing the game, so I’m always interested in this stuff

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Oh I meant move up by .3 as well. If t34 (6.7) went up to 7.0, that’d be .3 br and the IS-3 should move up .3 too

The IS-3 is currently 7.3 and I believe it should stay there even if some 6.7s such as the Tiger II H and T34 move to 7.0.

6.X is overcompressed and the gravity of 6.7 (especially Germany) drags 5.Xs into the meat grinder too…it’s a serious issue for mid-tier and it affects a lot more than just the Pershings.

Oh ok it must’ve gotten moved in the last br change then mb

Every single time people talk about the IS-3, it is painfully obvious that they don’t understand that its turret traverse and gun depression makes it hellish to play compared to something like a T34 or Tiger 2.

Combined with the very poor gun at that BR which isn’t a one-shot wonder like it used to be at 5.7 on the IS-2 (now 6.3), while still keeping the horrible reload… The IS-3 is not a good tank. Only an inexperienced player could claim it is. I would personally rather play the T34 at 6.7 than the IS-3 if it were 6.7.


IS-3 isnt 7.3 material only because uptiers make it practically usless. Mid Tiers now have a lot of vehicles with HEAT too. Now what can IS-3 do when it meets APDSFS from a guy 2km with LRF.

I think you’re underselling it. Against other late WW2 heavies, it’s very very good. It’s got armor that, outside of some inconsistent shot traps, is basically APHE proof frontally. You’ve got great mobility both forwards and in reverse, which helps tremendously with getting the gun where it needs to be to work. And the gun is completely solid even at that tier. Most of my time spent playing it was just me mercilessly bullying Tiger IIs.

If you’re not finding it oneshotting enough, consider using the B round. It can overpressure, and is better against angles at the expense of flat pen compared to the D round. I carry a mix of both, depending on what I expect to be fighting. There are only a couple tanks you’re likely to run into where you need the extra pen of the D round (Maus, Ho-Ri, Tortoise, etc).

And, as I always say, don’t play it in uptiers. Soviet 7.3 isn’t what it used to be, but all of the 7.0s will be more useful in an 8.3 game than the IS-3. Don’t mistake me though, that same IS-3 is bounds better than every 7.0 in a 7.3 max game.

Great mobility? It’s considerably slower than the T34 and basically tied with the Tiger 2 - and again, the turret traverse and -3 degrees of gun depression is such a monumental flaw that I don’t think most people understand just how much easier to use those other 2 vehicles are. Which are 6.7.

Your K/D in the IS-3 is 1.6.
Your K/D in the T34 is 2.
Your K/D in the Tiger 2 H is 2.5.

The IS-3 is an awful tank at 7.3. The IS-4 even more so. I would not wish them upon anyone. And it personally makes me quite distressed to see people talking as if they have any real advantages, as it clearly stems from utter ignorance. The turret roof and hull triangle are very clear weakspots on the IS-3, and the weaker LFP which isn’t protected by a large front-mounted transmission such as on the Tiger 2 isn’t doing it any favors.

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And that’s exactly the reason why the T25 is 6.3 and the M26 now 6.7.
They are not hampered by their vehicles ability to effectively engage targets.

The IS-2 works because the gun is effective against a lot of targets, and the RoF is off-set by the penetration and high damage, not because of its armor.
On the IS-3 you only gain armor but the firepower doesn’t increase but in fact gets worse due to lower mobility and gun traverse speed.

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Gun traverse argument is fair, but considering that you are supposed to point the hull directly at the enemy, its effect on firepower is probably reduced in practice