Can you guys move m26 back to 6.3? Compare with T26e5, T34, T26e1, It has no advantages!

Yes, you can see wonderfully that everything in the forum is really taken at face value.
The small number of battles alone should make you QUESTION whether I’m really serious.
No, people prefer to take it seriously. Is the fault now with me because I expressed myself badly or because nobody really asks what I meant?
Everyone always thinks they understand everything between the lines and the context perfectly. But that’s often not the case.
Asking helps instead of prejudging.

People like Razorvon/AlvisWisla exist

I don’t mean to compare you to them, but dealing with shenanigans like that is a daily reality here.

If you’re not sure if your post will be understood properly you can always add the /s.

No obligation of course, it’s just advise to spare you from being bothered by people like me.

Furthermore I don’t think my comment was very derisive or contemptous, I was simply pointing out the flaws in your argument, which I thought was meant in earnest.

I don’t think we’ve written much together here so far. That’s why you can’t " bother" me. And thanks for the tip. I have to admit that the number backfired.
Sometimes I just get carried away.

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No worries mate!

Btw, what do you think of the M26 so far?

Plays quite ok. I’ve learnt to get by without armour. For me, a tank needs good mobility and good penetration.
But there are actually too few battles for me to make a judgement. I’m also still missing the engine upgrade.
So far it’s doing quite well. As long as you know good positions to hide the hull and play more of a supporting role.

I guess you have more battles on that thing, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, would you? So of course I’d be interested to hear about your experience in the past before the BR adjustment and how it’s performing now after the adjustment.

T20 still has its stabilizer, it’s only the T25 that lost it.

The mobility of the M26 isn’t noticeably better than the T26E5. The horsepower/ton is higher, but the T26E5 has higher final drive gear ratios which means the acceleration remains similar. It’s only the top speed which is worse, so it only matters in longer paths.


Don’t think the M26 has any real redeeming features or a singular reason to really spawn it over the actual heavies you can spawn there.

nah this is something local to your region

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yeah, i only said t25 haha

Then move up the tiger 2h and is 3 aswell

I’ll be hoenst, I dont play these tanks, I dont even really play that BR but…

“Compare with T26e5, T34, T26e1, It has no advantages!”

Doesnt that mean its balanced?

Does it have any major disadvantages vs these tanks. If not, if its equal matched against those tanks i.e it has no advantages or disadvantages, then surely that means its at the correct BR?

I agree. T-44 back to 6.3 as well.


Compared to T26E5.
M26 is a bit more mobile.
26E5 has absurd level of armor, better optics.
So E5 is better


But same capabilities of the guns?


That might be why then. Armour and optics are factors to consider, but if the M26 can one shot anything with ease at 5.3/5.7 then it probably should move up a bit. Not too mention anything at 5.3-6.0 trying to take out a 6.3 heavy tank.

I dont think how they have decompressed some of these heavy tanks was quite right, but I do think there is a reasonable argument for moving them up. Maybe with the seperation of BRs for air and ground, we might see decompression at some point properly done and these things can move a bit.

Tiger II for sure, IS-3 not so much.

Yes, it has the weakest gun and the weakest armor while offering a tiny amount more mobility only due to the fact it doesn’t have as much armor.

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Yeah. I think what happens far too often is that people focus too much on the vehicle they’re actually playing and lose sight of the forest for the trees, what it’s like for other vehicles to face it, or what other vehicles play like.

I’m a German main, but I always try to put myself in other players’ shoes. You can’t play this game on your own, so their experience is as important as mine is, and if they’re having fun, odds are I’m having fun as well.

When a bunch of vehicles who are at similar BRs all move at the same time, usually the thing to watch is not how they do vs one another, which is likely the same as before, it’s what happens with the vehicles that were left behind (the Panther D has become much stronger for instance) and the vehicles that don’t move up to make room (like the 6.7 and 7.0 heavies).

That’s usually what I do when I play heavy tanks. But also at the same time not all flankers have amazing guns that can, as you say, take control of the situation from the front. The M18 has incredible mobility going for it but if you meet a Tiger II playing anti-flanker you’re going to be in big trouble, for example.

But I get what you’re saying. I think we sort of come to the same conclusion in the end which is that

A lot of vehicles don’t really have their happy place represented in the game at the moment. That impacts the ability to give them a “correct BR placement”. It’s sad to see.

At the end of the day, it has Tiger II level of penetration with incredible mobility and very good protection against war-era rounds even at that BR. A combination of factors like that is pretty hard to beat.

This might be an entirely personal thing, but I never really played the game this way - my mentality has always been to play all available lineups up to 7.7 (not really interested in going more modern for now) to try and master every vehicle.

So for example, I was never particularly a fan of the Tiger II P, and you had the much better production variant Tiger IIs just one BR notch above, so the temptation to not bother with 6.3 and just go straight to 6.7 was there. And just to be clear, I did play 6.7 much more frequently than 6.3 because of this.

But periodically I would still say, ok, time to play 6.3 because I’ve neglected it for a while; and under the right conditions I would spawn and play the Tiger II P.

The issue for me is when things are at the same BR and you’d never have reason to choose one over the other - this is the situation the Tiger II P and M26 are in right now.

So if I was playing the Soviet tree, playing the T-44, I wouldn’t think “at 7.0 I could be playing the T-44-100”, but “so in this 6.7 lineup, the T-44 is a complementary choice to the IS-2, the SU-122-54, and so on. Which is better for this map and BR that I’ve just got in this match?”

But again, that’s an entirely personal thing. I understand it’s completely subjective.