Can you get banned for decals on your vehicle?

I have seen people with potentially offensive decals on their vehicles in game, including crude swastikas and the wolfsangel. I was wondering if having decals that represent hateful ideology or ideas can get action taken against your account? (asking for a friend )

Not as far as I know

It will shock you, but the symbols of the USSR are as criminal or even more criminal than the swastika, and somehow they are in the game, honestly, I wonder how the law works in such situations, because the game is distributed in my country, and in my country there is a ban on any symbols of the USSR , and gaijn puts them in the game, you can sue the creators or file a complaint to the government for blocking the game in a given country by breaking the law and placing criminal symbols of the USSR, of course I have no intention of doing that because I don’t care, but maybe someone knows how it works because I’m curious.


If they are banned in the country then the content should not be available in that region, but I think the blatant censorship of history should not have to be everywhere.


In general, I am of the opinion that when starting the game for the first time, gaijn should ask players if they want swastikas, etc., and if not, the player can turn it off and have invented flags like it is done now


I 100% agree

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I tend to get kicked out of the game - lol

Not because of my decal, but because i cannot stand some russion duded that hat to get their Z on theit tank. For me good reason for a TK.


I think someone having a different opinion isn’t a good reason for a TK, maybe learn that people think differently and that’s their right

Advocating for the invasion of a sovereign nation and the killing of its people in a war that is going on RIGHT NOW isn’t a “difference in opinion”, it’s “being a lunatic a-hole”.


It only applies to the country the company is in.


In my non-biased opinion, it’s perfectly acceptable to TK somebody with Z decals. Of course, I don’t do it myself. (Mostly because there’s no friendly fire in GRB)

The same way I don’t respect opinion of anti vaxxer, flat earther or any kind of similar nutjob


Custom decals could be problematic though. Like putting a custom Swastica or SS Rune on your Tank, especially if you publish Gameplay footage of you with these symbols on your vehicles, since they violate War Thunders TOS.


Report Players in game and or PM Senior Game Masters for better clarity