Can you get banned for certain decal usage? For example would this be considered a bannable offense?

why would this be banable?

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because he crosses out russian flag i guess, but i think this should be ok, other like nazi symbol are a different matter i think

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For crossing out the Russian flag. Some might see this as hatred towards Russians or a Political Statement. I only put it on in support of Ukraine and due to the abundance of Zs on tanks on this game.

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Considering the Z stuff is okay, I cannot imagine why everything isn’t’ free game at that point.

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I am not sure how OK the Z stuff is tho, IIRC they turned off decals for new players because there were too many Zs.

Yeah, we had the flags in the past, but I’m not allowed to talk about that, neither solution solved anything.
People can easily combine some decals to make whatever shapes they want, I don’t believe there is any system in place to control that, despite it being against the rules.

3.1.6 political and religious agitation and propaganda, including propagation of conflicts; discussion of actual political and religious issues is also prohibited due to the provocative nature: we urge you not to draw comparisons between war-historical themes and any of the political events;


Yea, this is probably the rule that will keep me from using that specific decal. Thank you for looking it up and sharing it with me!

I don’t think anything is going to happen realistically, they have no means of checking that.

You are right, however all it takes is a single report. Would not risk it.

Even if this is a “political statement”, I think Gaijin prefers to turn a blind eye to this relatively harmless commentary via decals, instead of involving themselves in the politics and the controversy and all of that mess.
Imagine they had to have a press release because of this - the media would be in a frenzy.

^ That

Wont be banned… unless it is something very disturbing… even then may be just a warning may depend on the situation…

But decals can also be forcibly removed from vehicles to protect the innocent if deemed necessary

Feel Free to PM Game Masters… since they will be up to date on Game Matters

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