Can you fool the ennemy in SB?

Hello , I was playing SB battles , and I was wondering something .
Can you make believe the ennemy team you are one of them (by playing an italian M18 ennemy while being in the axis team for exemple) and then killing them.

Just making sure I won’t be banned !

The original decals are locked to specific teams to stop this from happening but I don’t think they care about updating it for other nations.

I don’t think it’s bannable but you have every chance of being teamkilled at the same time. There’s a reason tank battalions didn’t mimic enemy identifiers in wartime, it’s not worth the risk.

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Nothing is stopping you from putting an American flag on an Italian M18, chances are you’ll get teamkilled more often than not.


nice thanks !

I’ve been having an insane amount of fun by disguising my T-72M from the Germany tree in Ground SB to look like a generic soviet T-72 which are common at the tier and then flank around and try to slip into their ranks

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A panther Dauphine (french premium panther) once killed half my German team in simulator by hiding between us

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i got the french premium panther etc and it can be quite fun to fool enemies

now I want to buy it just to do that lol

It’s difficult to get into enemy lines without being spotted or team killed, but if you pull it off it’s very fun

My m10 panther is a teamkill magnet. Even with standard vehicles, like using t34 on russian team, you might still get teamkilled due to some players having a “shoot first ask questions later” strategy.

for what?
sabotages are integral part of sb