Can you DEVELOPER fix the radar of ground vehicle after the La Joke update?

It’s the problem after the La joke patches, It’s really annoyed.
I thought this problem is great noticeable and will be fixed soon, but actually not, the new patch launched over one month right now.
The radar can’t be folded, after press Y-1-1, it’s just stop rotating.
You can noticed the radar map on the upper-left cornor had already closed.
The radar just stop rotating or moving, but didn’t fold like before, It looks like a stupid high drag, while playing ZA-35, the big head radar has covered nearly half screen.





British ADATS

FR somewhat SPAA, I didn’t play it.


Puting’s new milk truck

etc etc, I’m too lazy to screenshot all the rotating radar.

Go post all of that to the site for bug:

Use your gaijin identifiants for login and submit the issues.